Favorite Galaxy S24 Ultra Feature After One Week: The Battery Life

I have been using the Galaxy S24 Ultra since early last week. I’m working to get my full review up as soon as possible, but I felt inclined to share one highlight of the phone ahead of the review because I’ve been so impressed by it. Usually I’d highlight the cameras or maybe Galaxy AI because it’s new and exciting, but nope, I’ve been more happy with this other aspect.

Battery life on this phone is insane. I have been reviewing phones for years. When writing up the batteries, I have an average that I’m very accustomed to seeing, as my usage routine really hasn’t changed in a decade. My average outcome is around 4 hours of screen on time a day, with me having to charge the phone nightly next to my bed as the phone will usually have under 20% battery left.

From my findings after a week with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, my average numbers are way up. On Samsung’s new flagship, I had a day of super lounging and got 7 hours of screen on time and went to bed with 30% battery life. That wasn’t easy usage either. That was Marvel Snap (a real battery hog on most phones), YouTube videos, TikTok, Life360 on, and plenty else. A more typical day this past week is four hours of screen on time, but instead of under 20% battery remaining, I’m still around 50%. This is a very noticeable change coming from the Pixel 8 Pro, which is also no slouch in the battery life department.

Now, whether this is a mixture of its massive 5,000mAh size or actual work Samsung and Qualcomm have done to ensure that the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 sips juice and is ultra efficient, I the consumer do not care how it’s happening, so long as it is. As of right now, when I write my full review, you can expect the Battery section to be housed in the ‘What I Like‘ section.

And since I’m here, if you have any Galaxy S24 Ultra questions, shoot them over.

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