Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Finds That $200 Discount Again

Official Pixel 8 Pro - Best Holiday Deal

Google and its partners took a week off with their Pixel 8 Pro deals and have now brought them back. For those who missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices, don’t feel down. The Pixel 8 Pro is back to $200 off and the Pixel 8 has found another $150 off price.

$200 OFF PIXEL 8 PRO: This $200 off promo remains the best Pixel 8 Pro deal of the moment. This discount drops Google’s best phone to a starting price of $799 and it is an absolute no-brainer. I know we say with each new phone release that it is a phonemaker’s “best phone yet,” but this one really is a new level for Google.

The Pixel 8 Pro feels as good as any phone on the market in the hand, has better haptics than all of them, is a camera leader, showcases Google’s vision for Android in the best possible way, has excellent battery life, and is as performance tuned as they come. The Pixel 8 Pro is so good.

PIXEL 8 $150 OFF: Should you not want to spend that $799, the regular Pixel 8 is $150 off again and with a starting price of $549. That’s also in no-brainer territory because it comes so close to meeting the Pixel 8 Pro, only with a smaller form factor that some of you may truly love.

All colors and storage variants are discounted, so find the color you love the most and the storage volume that’ll last you for 7 years, since these phones will see support for that long.

Need reviews before going for it? We’ve got those (Pixel 8 reviewPixel 8 Pro review).

Pixel 8 Pro LinksAmazon | Best Buy | Google Store

Pixel 8 LinksAmazon | Best Buy | Google Store