Google Offering Extended Repair Program for Pixel 8 Owners With Display Issues

For Pixel 8 owners who have experienced display issues, Google has fired up an extended repair program, ensuring that if you come across the issue, you’ll be able to have it addressed.

The issue centers around a vertical line and flickering issue that has been reported on quite a few units. It’s hard to say how many devices are actually affected, but regardless, Google is doing the right thing by making sure those units are covered for 3 years after the date of original retail purchase.

Is My Pixel 8 Eligible?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your Pixel 8 device may be eligible for this Extended Repair Program, if it:
    • Exhibits a vertical line running from the bottom of the display to the the top or a display flicker and:
    • Has a device identifier (e.g., IMEI, serial number) determined by Google or an authorized repair partner, as qualifying for this program

Google says that if your device doesn’t meet the requirements, but is experiencing this issue, you may still be covered by the Limited Warranty.

Good guy Google making a comeback.

// Google Support