T-Mobile Selling Backup Home Internet for $30/Month

For cable and fiber home internet customers, T-Mobile would like to sell you on the concept of backup home internet. Let’s say your primary ISP goes down, which does happen from time to time for some people, you can now pay T-Mobile a monthly price to have access to its 5G network, the same network the carrier’s Home Internet customers use.

Priced at $30/month with AutoPay ($20/mo for eligible voice line customers w/ AutoPay), you get 130GB of 5G data per month and a 5G gateway at no “extra” cost.

Obviously, home internet outages can be extremely frustrating, but I’ve never thought about the idea of having a backup. If anything, I could see myself simply tethering my laptop to my cellphone if needed, but I can honestly say that my fiber connection has only ever crapped out one time in the past couple of years. Maybe I’m just lucky?

This offering goes live starting tomorrow and you can sign up via the link below. Again, it’s $30/mo and comes with all of the hardware you need. If you’re already a T-Mobile customer with an eligible line, you can get it for $20/mo.

Tell me, is there a market for backup home internet services like this?

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This post was last modified on June 5, 2024 11:15 am