Customers Seem Upset Over T-Mobile’s Planned Rate Increases

T-Mobile CEO

T-Mobile announced price increases by as much as $5/month for select legacy plans this week. Naturally, customers aren’t pleased, especially when the provider has been the self-proclaimed Uncarrier, touting initiatives such as the Price Lock guarantee. In the eyes of consumers, T-Mobile is supposed to be the good guy.

Alas, these giant companies need to make more money in these difficult times, so customers are left with two options: Pay the new price increase, which can range from $2 to $5 per line a month, or leave the carrier. From our understanding, depending on your plan, you may be covered by T-Mobile’s Price Lock, which allows you to exit T-Mobile should they raise prices, with the carrier forced to pay your final bill.

We will pay your final month’s recurring service charge if we raise prices, and you choose to leave. Just let us know within 60 days.

We’ve been creeping the internet, trying to get an idea of how T-Mobile customers are taking the news. I’ll tell you, they don’t seem too happy. My wife and I are both T-Mobile customers, but we have yet to get the text notification informing us of a price increase, so for now, I’m not upset. However, plenty of others are.

Here are a few reactions to the price increase news, taken from across the web.

James – Yeah, got my text about a half hour ago. Raising my line $2. Not sure if that’s just my Magenta Max or if my Digits line will also see a pop. Either way, I’ll be cancelling my digits line. So you wanna make an extra $2/mo, TMobile? How about losing $8/mo instead.

The Doctor – Everyone wants their piece of the inflation pie.

Tough-Ad-4552 – Keep in mind Verizon did this earlier this year, now T-Mobile, AT&T will be next. One carrier does it, the others follow. It happens every single time. 36 month Device Payments, tiered service plans, streaming services with different plans, now price adjustments.

k84_ – T-Mobile shot themselves in the foot, at least in my situation. If they had left things alone they would have continued getting $125/month out of me. Instead they pulled this bs and as a result I cancelled a line and changed plans to where I am now paying $75 per month. I also got a $120 goodwill credit to cover the current month. That extra $60 a year they were trying to get out of me just cost them $720 for the next year. That’s what happens when they get greedy.

trueblue0989 – I’m considering leaving. I’m on Simple Choice and I’ve been eyeing other companies, particularly Google Fi. I know they use T-Mobile towers and our coverage is pretty good. All my phones are paid off and I’m not looking to upgrade phones every two years. The only perk I get from T-Mobile beyond cell service is MLB each year. Otherwise, I don’t benefit from anything else they offer.

I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone who is excited to pay more money, but there is a wide spectrum of emotion from customers. It’s either people coping well with the news, mentioning things like free MLB TV and such, or those who go somewhat ballistic because T-Mobile broke their promise. We’re talking emails to the CEO, the FCC, and talks of class action lawsuits. Personally, even if my lines were indeed getting affected by $2 to $5/mo, I’m not sure I have the bandwidth to get that upset about it.

Allow the comments section below to act as a safe space for you to vent your feelings. Were you affected by the price increase? If so, by how much and do you plan on sticking with T-Mobile?