Many More Android Apps are Coming to Your Car

If you’re someone driving around a car equipped with Android Automative, you’ll soon be sitting back and relaxing in that driver’s seat (while parked, of course), enjoying a ton of new apps. Thanks to behind the scenes work done by Google, developers will soon have a streamlined process for rolling out apps to supported vehicles.

Announced this week, apps like Max, Peacock, and even Angry Birds are coming to select cars with Google built-in. If you’re hoping to see your favorite app get released for cars, you’ll need to hit up the developers. Additionally, Google announced that Google Cast is coming to Android Automotive, with the first vehicle getting it being from Rivian.

For developers, Google is attempting to make this process as easy as possible. Launching a new Car Ready Mobile Apps program, Google will proactively review mobile apps that are already adaptive and large screen compatible to help ensure safety and compatibility in cars. If the reviewed app qualifies, Google will automatically opt it in for distribution on cars, without the need for new development or a new release to be created. Sounds easy enough, right?

Google states that this program will roll out in the coming months, but select app makers can request a review already.

Be on the lookout for many more apps coming to your Android-powered car soon.

// Android Developers