Android 14 for TV Means Better Performance, Multitasking

Google has announced Android 14 for Android TV OS, bringing with it a variety of improvements and changes. Detailed during Google I/O, we’re getting the general “performance improvements,” but beyond snappier navigation, there’s actually a few new things are pretty neat.

There’s going to be a new option for selecting an energy mode, made for those who are thinking about such things. There will be three options: low energy mode, optimized energy mode, and increased energy mode. Most of the settings affected by these modes are happening when the device is in standby mode. You can view overviews in the image below.

Android 14 for Android TV also means multitasking in the form of picture-in-picture. Google’s development team notes that it will be enabled on select devices that meet their hardware compatibility criteria.

The TV team also details new Accessibility options, including color correction, enhanced text options, and improved navigation for users which can all be toggled on or off using remote shortcuts.

You can view all of the changes in the video below. The good stuff starts at 5:36.

// Android Developers