Mint Mobile Officially Joins T-Mobile

Mint Mobile - Ryan Reynolds

After more than a year of clearing approvals, T-Mobile has officially acquired Mint Mobile. More broadly, they’ve actually acquired Ka’ena Corporation, which Mint Mobile falls under, as well as a couple of other semi-related brands. Mint is the big one here, though, so let’s talk about what this news means for Mint customers going forward.

In a news release to confirm the acquisition, T-Mobile is saying all of the right things and making big commitments. As for how long these commitments will last is not something any of us can truly predict at this time. However, we’ve all been in this industry long enough to know where so many acquisitions like this end up.

What Mint customers get now: The biggest selling point of Mint – which is a prepaid wireless carrier – for so many years has been its low price. You can typically get into Mint Mobile for as little as $15/mo. You pay for the first 3 months upfront (so $45), but then continue at $15/mo after those first few months. Their plans start at 5GB data per month, but go up to unlimited as well. Mint has access to T-Mobile’s network, which as you know, is quite good now that we are all onto 5G.

With an acquisition like the one that was approved today, you might be wondering when that price will go up or what will immediately change. For now, pricing remains the same and T-Mobile is also promising new features in the future.

  • $15 price commitment: The biggest news for now is the commitment to $15/mo plans for new and existing customers. The current deal that I described above where you pay $45 for the first 3 months and then only $15/mo for unlimited will stick around through the end of the year. After that, who knows.
  • Scam Screener feature: T-Mobile says that a Scam Screener feature is “coming soon” to Mint customers know when calls come through that are likely a scam. They didn’t say if there would be a price for this, but I’d bet not.
  • Free Canada roaming: Mint customers will “soon” be able to use unlimited talk and text, as well as 3GB of data when in Canada. This is a free perk.
  • Mexico roaming: This one won’t be free, but in the “coming weeks,” Mint customers will be able to add an “enhanced data roaming option” for use in Mexico.

Want to sign-up for Mint before the price potentially goes up in 2025? Hit that link below.

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