T-Mobile’s New Internet Plan Lets You Travel With It for $160

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Frequently roadtrippin’ people with an RV or who like to camp or are stilling clinging to #vanlife, T-Mobile has a new internet plan for you. Be warned, it is not cheap if you want unlimited data.

Called “T-Mobile Away,” this is an internet plan that costs $160 per month for access to unlimited data, includes a gateway device (that needs to be plugged in), allows for up to 64 device connections at a time, will keep you connected while in-motion, and uses all of T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G network. There’s also a $110 per month version that gets you 200GB of data. Both prices require autopay.

Who really is this plan for? T-Mobile really is suggesting it’s for “frequent travelers like RVers, campers and digital nomads.” As someone who isn’t a part of that crowd today, I don’t know what it’s like to need internet on the road 24-7. In the comparison above, I can see that there are several options to choose from, but T-Mobile is saying (of course) that it’s new Away plan is the best because of its feature set. I’ll let you decide, traveling friends.

The new plan goes live May 8.

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