Xfinity Mobile Customers Can Now Access Millions of Gig-Speed WiFi Hotspots

Xfinity Mobile announced this week that starting now, customers can access millions of gig-speed WiFi hotspots across the country. If you’re a Comcast customer, you might already be aware that in many areas, Xfinity-powered hotspots are available for using whenever you may want. This news builds upon this infrastructure for Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile customers, with Comcast enabling WiFi Boost and literally boosting the WiFi speeds.

Comcast’s hotspot footprint is borderline unbelievable. According to the company’s figures, they manage a network of over 23 million WiFi hotspots. Coupled with the data that 90% of the Xfinity Mobile’s data traffic takes place over WiFi and not cellular, an investment to make the WiFi experience faster should be a welcomed one for customers.

From what we can tell, customers don’t need to enable or do anything to benefit from these speed increases. Should you find yourself on a boosted WiFi hotspot, you should see the speed benefits automatically. Comcast notes that all of this is achievable thanks to its growing fiber network, so we assume that as long as the hotspot you’re connected to is attached to that, you’ll have the gig speeds.

Speed is king.

// Comcast

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