Google Launches Pixel Watch Warranty Helper

Back in February, Google announced a new mail-in replacement service for its Pixel Watch 2, for those who needed help with a wearable that can’t actually be repaired.  The process for that mail-in program was a bit awkward to use and required some work on your part through an 8-step process. With a new announcement today, it’s clear that Google realized they could make this whole process so much easier.

The new Pixel Watch Warranty Helper program is here to make warranty claims quite a bit more automated.

The Pixel Watch Warranty Helper is a simple tool through Google Store support (here) that uses your Google Account to see which devices are on your account and if they are still under warranty for claims. Once you access the Helper page, you confirm your account, choose the type of device, what you need help with (warranty info), and then it will list out your devices. You can click one of your watches to see it pull up additional info, like your serial number, warranty start date, warranty expiration date, and if there is still an active return window.

If you need additional help, you’ll find other options at the bottom for fixing issues, getting help with repairs, reviewing warranty info, or to check warranty status on another device.

The tool appears to be live already and it’s not limited to the Pixel Watch, so I’m not sure why we are calling it the Pixel Watch Warranty Helper.

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This post was last modified on April 23, 2024 3:14 pm

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