Samsung Adds Galaxy S23 Series to Certified Re-Newed Program, Drops $300 Off Instantly

Samsung’s CRN or Certified Re-Newed program is the spot on their store you might go for last year’s flagship phones at a big discount, knowing they were previously used. We’re talking refurbished, of course, but Samsung says it turns these devices into “like-new” status through “extensive” inspections, while also adding on a warranty. It all sounds more official too, knowing that this is run by Samsung.

Today, as a part of Earth Day, Samsung is launching the Galaxy S23 series into this Certified Re-Newed program, so you can get a Galaxy S23 Ultra or S23/S23+ for a lower price than it launched with. And to make the launch more appealing, they have dropped prices by $300 if you basically trade in any phone.

The Certified Re-Newed store offers Samsung devices that have been through a 147 point inspection, come equipped with a 1-year warranty, and have new batteries. They also start the prices lower, so you can get a Galaxy S23 Ultra for $919, down from its original price of $1,199. The Galaxy S23+ now starts at $769 and the regular S23 is locked in at $669.

This $300 off discount is too good: As for that trade-in discount, Samsung is doing a launch special that slices $300 off any of those S23 prices. I looked through the list of eligible devices and found phones as old as the Galaxy S7 (from 2016) are getting the full $300. Samsung is even taking their super cheap A-series phones. An original Google Pixel is worth $300. Think about that.

With a $300-off discount, we’re looking at a Galaxy S23 Ultra down to $619, S23+ to $469, and the S23 to $369. Not bad, even for a renewed device, right?

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This post was last modified on April 22, 2024 1:30 pm

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