Mystery Google “Wireless Device” Slides Through FCC With LTE, Voice Controls

We already saw a device that is almost guaranteed to be the Pixel 8a pass through the FCC a few weeks back, a sign that Google is close to launching it. Today, another device has moved through FCC testing, but this time we aren’t so sure what it is. Let’s dive into a mystery Google device and see if we can’t figure out together what it might be – my guess is that it could be a new Pixel Watch. I could be completely wrong too.

A new Google product referred to only as “Wireless Device” and with a model name of G4SKY has made its way through the FCC. When we see a phone stop off at the FCC, it is typically referred to as a “Phone.” When it comes to being called a “Wireless Device,” we’ve seen the FCC use that phrase for various products, including the Pixel Watch and Nest Hubs and speakers.

This particular device is interesting in that it includes LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth LE. The FCC also confirms that it supports voice function and VoIP over LTE, so you can make and take calls with it. Its LTE bands are identical to the Pixel Watch 2 with LTE, it just doesn’t have WCDMA support. To access its FCC e-label, you perform the same steps as you would on other Pixel Watches (Settings>System>Regulatory Information). That’s why I’m initially leaning towards it being a new Pixel Watch of some sort.

However, where this gets confusing is in the bottom remark on the table below that says this device has two batteries. What would we have two batteries for if this is a Pixel Watch? Please tell me Google didn’t make their own Humane Ai Pin, lol.

There are other references to connecting “with Bluetooth base station to continuous transmit,” that has really thrown me too. This could be just a base station tool used for testing, not necessarily a part of the product. Another note suggests the device could be body-mounted, as testing equipment for that type of device was used here. Then again, they use that same equipment with phones too, so it tells us nothing.

I’m at a loss on this one. You got me, Google.


// FCC

This post was last modified on April 22, 2024 10:16 am

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