Samsung Could Deliver Galaxy Fold 6 “Ultra” Model for First Time

It was only a matter of time, right? The rumor is here – Samsung could be working on a Galaxy Z Fold 6 “Ultra” alongside the expected Galaxy Z Fold 6. Of course, this news comes just after we shared the first supposed renders of the Fold 6 and so far we have heard nothing else about a potential Ultra model.

The rumor comes from Winfuture and doesn’t dive deep into details on what a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be. Instead, they offer internal codenames for the Fold 6 and Fold 6 Ultra of “Q6” and “Q6A.” The “Q6A” model is apparently the Ultra and one of the real signs that Samsung may be working on two bigger foldables.

After years of separating the Galaxy S line into regular, +, and Ultra models, it certainly wouldn’t be wild to consider Samsung doing the same for its higher-end foldable series. Samsung could always attempt to create a more premium experience with the Ultra, like better displays or more RAM or different finishes, like the titanium we saw on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. They could even include an S Pen within the device, like on the Ultra phone series.

You also have to wonder if they don’t instead change to a line that includes a slightly cheaper Fold 6 that slots in-between the Z Flip line and the current top-end Fold. So you could get a Z Flip 6 at $999, a Fold 6 Ultra at $1,799, and then a regular Fold 6 somewhere between those to price points. That’s just me speculating.

For now, those are the only details we have about a possible Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. Again, those details are a rumor about Samsung working on the device and a codename of “Q6A.”

As we learn more – assuming there is more – we’ll be sure to update you.

This post was last modified on February 28, 2024 11:31 am

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