Samsung’s Final Discover Deal is the Galaxy S23 Ultra at $750 Off

Alright, Samsung’s Discover event is coming to a close and they are doing so by offering up a decent trade-in deal for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, their newest and most expensive phone. With trade values fetching up to $750, you could land the best of Samsung for as little as $449.

Like with all of these Galaxy deals from Samsung, the phone you have to trade-in is the key. We talked about this numerous times this week, but yes, you’ll need a top tier phone to get the full $750 off. What phones are those?

The Galaxy Fold 4 is the only Samsung device that’ll get you an instant $750 off the Galaxy S23 Ultra. After that you can grab $700 off if trading in a Galaxy S22 Ultra, $680 off with a Fold 3, $600 off with a Note 20 Ultra, or $570 off with a Galaxy S22+.

As I mentioned yesterday, Samsung’s trade values have been disappointing this year when compared to previous phone launches. That said, these are some of the highest values we have seen for the Galaxy S23 series. I don’t know who is trading in their not-a-year-old Galaxy Fold 4 already for a Galaxy S23 Ultra, but you certainly can. $449 for the S23 Ultra is quite good.

To recap, this is the same deal as always – trade-in a nice phone and get more money off the new nice phone.

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This post was last modified on March 24, 2023 10:04 am

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