Walmart’s App Further Reveals Nest Audio Speaker, Chromecast With Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV - Nest Audio

With only a couple of days to go until Google announces the Nest Audio speaker and Chromecast with Google TV devices, there isn’t much we don’t know. Both have leaked more times than I count, plus people have been able to buy them at some stores already. Still, we love digging for info and more has presented itself today through Walmart’s app.

The Nest Audio speaker has a live page within the app that their website has tried to conceal. Digging through it shows both chalk (GA01420-US) and charcoal (GA01586-US) options, all-angle shots of the device, and its $99 price tag. Walmart expects to have the chalk version available by October 1 for you to buy, while the charcoal version might be another week out depending on the store. Either way, you’ll be able to buy this speaker shortly after Google shows it off.

Walmart provided a description for Nest Audio that reads, “Meet Nest Audio. Hear music the way it should sound, with crisp vocals and powerful bass that fill the room.” It then goes on to mention that it provides 75% louder audio than the original Google Home with “50% stronger bass.” The product is made with 70% recycled plastic, works with all of your other Nest speakers to “create a home audio system,” and can control your smart stuff.

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As for the Chromecast with Google TV, Walmart’s listing (via reddit) gives us additional imagery and continues to list the device at $49. A date of availability isn’t listed, but like Nest Audio, we expect it to be available almost immediately after Wednesday’s Google event.

The rest of the stuff we mostly knew, because again, people have been buying the thing already.

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You guys buying either device?

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