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Weekly Recap: The OnePlus 5T is Pretty Good

I hope everyone had as fantastic of a week as we did, and thank you all for joining us once again. It's the holiday season and even though we have a death cough that took this week's DL Show away, it was still a fun few days of Android. For one, we wrapped up...
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Weekly Recap: 5T, X4, and Razer

Most years, we don't often expect much to happen in the Android industry after Google announces its hardware, but this year has been somewhat different. Not only do we have another OnePlus flagship-level phone to test, we also got the first phone from Razer...
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Weekly Recap: Sup, Pixel 2 Review?

To wrap up another week at Droid Life, we dropped our Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on you before diving into another DL Show that spent 45 minutes on the subject. I'd call this a solid Friday for those interested in Google's newest phones. If you've seen enough...