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moto x4 review

Moto X4 Review (Regular vs. Android One)

From the minute Motorola announced the Moto X4, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. As a huge fan of the first three Moto X phones, yet also one who almost immediately made it clear that this phone doesn't deserve to be a part of the line, I really just...
moto x4 android one project fi

Moto X4 as an Android One Device Sure is Interesting

Over the weekend, this little beauty popped up, courtesy of @evleaks. What's that? You think that's the already-announced Moto X4? Well yeah, it is, only with one special addition that makes this instantly more appealing than the version Motorola unveiled a...
moto x

Moto X4 and Its Shiny Self Gets a Hands-on Preview

The Moto X4, a phone thought to be a Q4 release to fill a void I'm not sure needed filling, found its way into the hands of a tester with an itchy camera finger. It posed for two pictures that give us the cleanest live shots of the mid-range-but-not-quite-mid-...