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google pixel 3 xl renders

What Do You Want the Pixel 3 to Look Like?

Yesterday, we posted up some well-made render concepts of Google's upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that were based on a supposed screen protector leak for each phone. I made it pretty clear that I thought the renders presented two very Google-esque phones that...
oneplus 6 buy

Poll: Buying the OnePlus 6?

Once May 22 rolls around, are you planning to buy the OnePlus 6? I already laid out my reasons for labeling this new OnePlus phone as a no brainer, but I'm curious if you agree. Is there enough value there to get OnePlus on your short list? Is the combination...
huawei mate 10 porsche design

Monday Poll: The Worst OEM Skin in Android is?

All the way back in 2011, we asked our readers what they thought was the worst Android OEM skin. Motorola came in with 48% of the vote with Moto Blur, followed by Samsung's TouchWiz at 32%. Well, considering Android OEM skins are still a thing, it's time to...