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oneplus 6 buy

Poll: Buying the OnePlus 6?

Once May 22 rolls around, are you planning to buy the OnePlus 6? I already laid out my reasons for labeling this new OnePlus phone as a no brainer, but I'm curious if you agree. Is there enough value there to get OnePlus on your short list? Is the combination...
huawei mate 10 porsche design

Monday Poll: The Worst OEM Skin in Android is?

All the way back in 2011, we asked our readers what they thought was the worst Android OEM skin. Motorola came in with 48% of the vote with Moto Blur, followed by Samsung's TouchWiz at 32%. Well, considering Android OEM skins are still a thing, it's time to...
chromecast 2015

Wednesday Poll: Do You Use Chromecast or Android TV?

With all this discussion around what's either Google's next Android-powered dongle or just a knockoff going through the FCC, it got us thinking about our current living room setups with respect to Android TV and Chromecast. Personally, I use Android TV via a...
buy google home

Thursday Poll: Do You Own a Smart Speaker?

I'm one of those weirdos who blindly ignores any and all privacy concerns that come with products like Google Home or Amazon Echo because I'm a fan of future tech, especially when it allows me to control my smart home without ever lifting a finger. In fact,...

Wednesday Poll: Case or No Case for Your Phone?

To go along with our DL mega case giveaway, which could have you score one of the nearly 100 cases we're giving away, we're asking for your take on cases. For the longest time, I wasn't a case guy. I still wouldn't consider myself a case guy, but since Samsung...