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wireless charging android

Wednesday Poll: Do You Care About Wireless Charging?

Does wireless charging matter anymore? I know that Apple kids are just now getting on board with this technology that has been in Android phones for years and years and years, and now think it's the hot new thing, but I'm actually curious if it's a technology...
buy galaxy note 8

Wednesday Poll: Are You Buying the Galaxy Note 8?

Are you ready to spend almost $1,000 on your next smartphone? If so, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might just be the one for you. You'll find it for $930 too, but some carriers are quickly approaching the upper $900s depending on how you plan to buy one. That...
verizon logo galaxy note 7

Tuesday Poll: Are You Sticking With Verizon?

Following this morning's news, we have to ask, are you sticking with Verizon? I could sit here and talk about how consumers make their voices heard with their wallets, but I know many here are loyal Verizon customers, so you've probably heard that speech a few...
google fiber phone

Thursday Poll: Do You Have a Home Phone?

A little over a year ago, we tried to find out how many of you still own a home phone and subscribe to home phone service. At the time, 35% of you still did! We asked because Google had just announced its new Fiber Phone, which seemed silly even if it was a...

Monday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

It's been a year since we last asked, plus the T-Mobile post from earlier has me curious again, so let's do it today - who is your current wireless carrier? I ask, partly because we just like to see updated numbers, but I'm also interested to see what has...