ZTE Announces nubia 5s mini LTE, Pre-order Available Through Amazon for $280

Another budget-friendly, off-contract device is available for American buyers this morning, the nubia 5s mini LTE from ZTE. The device is available through pre-order for US consumers directly from Amazon for the price of $279.99. As for specs, don’t expect to be blown away, but one thing the phone does have, is LTE connectivity.

The nubia 5s mini LTE features a Sharp-made IGZO 4.7″ HD display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear-facing camera, 5MP front-facing, 16GB of onboard memory, microSD for support up to 32GB of storage, 2,000mAh battery, and 4G LTE connectivity on T-Mobile and AT&T.  (more…)

Sprint’s Projector/Charger/Set-Top LivePro, the Only Hotspot You Will Ever Need

Most mobile hotspots are appropriately conspicuous, since they’re meant to be portable and stowable, after all, but the ZTE-made Sprint LivePro makes no stride to be subtle. Debuting first on Sprint, the 3G/4G hotspot is a veritable Swiss army knife, sporting a built-in DPL mini projector, back-up battery, and even HDMI out for media streaming.

The projector, powered by Android 4.2, takes MacGyverism to the extreme. In addition to the 5,000mAh battery, it packs a 4-inch touchscreen, built-in speaker, and headphone jack. Plus, it’s launching with a companion app that can serve media to it wirelessly. (more…)

ZTE Announces Budget-friendly Concord II, Bound for T-Mobile and Metro PCS

Need proof that the mid-range smartphone market is booming? If Motorola’s announcement wasn’t evidence enough, ZTE’s new Concord II handset might convince you.

The Concord II’s specifications are anything but impressive, but that is not very surprising for a budget smartphone. It has a 4-inch WVGA display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5 MP camera, 1,820mAh battery, and no LTE.  (more…)

NVIDIA to Target Mid-Range “Other Half” of Smartphones Moving Forward

nvidia grid1

Last week, the vice president of investor relations for NVIDIA, Rob Csongor, spoke of the company’s mobile strategies moving forward through 2013 and beyond. Currently, Samsung and Apple make up exactly 50% of this year’s first quarter mobile sales, so according to Csongor, NVIDIA will look to partner with the “other half” of the market such as HTC, ZTE, Huawei and other lower-placed companies to push its line of mobile processor.  (more…)

ZTE Debuts the GEEK – Equipped With New Intel Atom Processor Clocked at 2GHz


This morning, Chinese device manufacturer ZTE announced its newest smartphone, the GEEK. It is the first ZTE device powered by Intel’s shiny new 32nm Atom processor, known as the Z2580. It has a few decent specs, such as its 5″ 720p display, a 2,300mAh battery, Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean,” 8GB eMMC+1GBRAM, and an 8MP back shooter.  (more…)

ZTE Announces Itself As First OEM to be Putting NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 In a Phone

tegra 4 official

Just minutes ago, NVIDIA and ZTE announced that the first smartphones equipped with the Tegra 4 processor would hit the market sometime before mid-2013. ZTE is a Chinese OEM, which means the device will probably not hit our shores, but it is great news that manufacturers are taking the initial steps in investing in the processor and its capabilities.  (more…)

ZTE Grand S Will Launch on an American Carrier, But Which One?

ZTE Grand S

According to ZTE’s North American business head, the mobile manufacturer is becoming more friendly with American carriers and we may even see their newest flagship device, the Grand S, come to the U.S. After a few meetings this week at CES with carrier executives, who were reportedly impressed with what they saw, ZTE may have to start working on making sure Americans actually know who they are.  (more…)