Google Launches New Zagat Android App and Website, Makes Trusted Ratings Available Without Registration

new zagat android

Zagat, Google’s semi-recently purchased restaurant and nightlife review service, received a brand spankin’ new website and Android app today (iOS too). The new design matches that of almost all of the recently updated Google apps, featuring a slideout navigation panel, card-style UI, integration with the new Google Maps v7.0, and buttery smooth transitions. But beyond the app overhaul, Google has made “trusted” Zagat ratings and reviews now available for free without registration. You’ll also find the latest news and video content from “expert local editors” and curated top 10-type lists.  (more…)

Google Releases Zagat App to Google Play, Find Great Restaurants Near You

A lot of eyebrows were raised when Google decided to purchase Zagat, and we haven’t heard much since then. Google+ and Maps both added Zagat ratings to restaurants and businesses, but other than that it’s been quiet. Today though, Google launched a re-built Zagat app for your culinary explorations.

The app feels distinctly Google – it doesn’t necessarily have the Holo UI but it feels well put together and responsive. After signing in with your Google account, you can see the ratings of restaurants and even leave your own ratings. You can sort by ratings, distance or what kind of cuisine you’re in the mood for. Overall an awesome application.

If you are feeling hungry, hit the Play link down below.

Play Link

Google Set to Acquire Frommers, Looks to Bolster Travel Portfolio

In a report from the WSJ, it looks like Google is ready to purchase the travel publication Frommer’s for an undisclosed amount of money. With no details from Google yet, it is suggested that the acquisition is to mainly bolster their already impressive travel portfolio and will tie in nicely with their recent purchase of Zagat and ITA.

A Google spokesperson commented that until the operations are combined, there is no telling whether they will continue to publish the Frommer’s guidebooks on paper or completely online. What we can be sure of though, is that Google Maps and search results will most likely see more Frommer’s information popping up in there soon.

Via: WSJ

Google Maps Update Rolls Out, Includes “Local” Tab With Zagat Ratings


This morning, the Google+ team announced that they were including a new “Local” tab to help you discover hot spots around you or to read reviews of places that your friends had recently been. They mentioned Android integration in their announcement which appears to have come moments ago via a Google Maps update. If you cruise into the Play store, you should have the update available. After updating, you will find a new “Local” choice in the main menu drop down that takes you to a landing page to decide what it is you feel like searching for. From there you can check out local businesses, read reviews, and of course, see Zagat scores.  (more…)

Google+ Local Arrives on Android – Find Reviews of Hot Spots, Reviewed by Friends

The Google+ team introduced a Local tab to the ever-growing social service this morning, bringing you search results for all of your soon-to-be-favorite hangouts. Using Zagat scores, you can discover new places around you or find the places that your friends have recently visited and reviewed.

Android integration is supposed to be rolling out as well, however, we are not seeing it in our app just yet. The browser G+ Local page is live though, and can be visited here.

Another solid addition to Google+, I’d say. Now, to find a way to get friends to switch over to it.

Via:  Google Blog