Video: A Look at the New YouTube App for Android, Version 5.0

As you might have seen, the new YouTube application for Android began rolling out today. It’s a big update, full of features that we think are completely video worthy, so we went ahead a made a highlights video. The biggest change you might see is an updated layout – it still has the side panel for navigating your channels and trending videos, but the colors are more light and contrasted now than they were before. It is definitely a more polished UI.  (more…)

New YouTube 5.0 Update Incoming – Entire New Card UI, Watch-While-Browsing Feature, and More

A new update to the official YouTube app on Android has started rolling out as version 5.0.21. To put it simply, the update is huge. It introduces an entirely new card-style UI, a way to continue watching videos while your browse, and more. A reader just tossed it over to us, so we’re digging through with jaws dropped and drool all over our desk. But so far, I think I can safely say that you’ll all be impressed.

It’s rolling out slowly through the terribly obnoxious new staged rollouts app delivery method, so if you want it now, you’ll have to sideload with the link below.  (more…)

Insider Tips New YouTube App, Will Allow for Video Search Multitasking

YouTube logo

Ryan Socio, the gentleman who first reported the name Hangouts in regards to Google’s “Babel” project, recently got his hands on an unreleased version of the YouTube app for Android. According to Socio, the app has some sweet new features on the way.

Without giving any info on when we could expect the new version to hit Google Play, the insider states that the app will feature real multitasking capabilities, allowing watchers to view their videos, while also searching for other videos at the same time.  (more…)

YouTube Unveils Paid Channel Subscription Service

YouTube logo

YouTube took to their blog today to announce a subscription-based model of monetization on some of their biggest channels. Everyone take a deep breath, the world is not ending. Now that we have all calmed down, let’s look at this rationally. YouTube’s post mentions that they were approached by many of their already money-making partners and asked for different ways to monetize and distribute content. Starting today with a select few channels, paid monthly subscriptions have come to YouTube. (more…)

Google Office Does the Harlem Shake on the Android Lawn

YouTube Preview Image

I introduced Tim and Kellen to the Harlem Shake yesterday, which then led to us all scouring YouTube to find the dozens of lunatics taking part in the latest internet craze. It seems people in the Google office couldn’t resist getting in on the viral video movement as well. No one here may actually be doing the actual Harlem Shake dance move, but if you want to see some of the Google team going nuts infront of their iconic Android statues, you can’t pass up this video.

Gangnam Style is First Video in History to Hit 1 Billion Views

baby v gangnam

Not Android related, but it’s worth mentioning that Gangnam Style is the first video in history to hit 1 billion views on YouTube. Not 1 million or 500 million – 1 billion. The previous record holder was Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” which as you can see from the chart above, can’t even compare to what Tim’s boy PSY was able to accomplish. In 5 months, this video hit 1 billion, while it took Bieber over two years to crack the 750 million mark. That’s nuts.

I don’t know if we should be ashamed as a society or pat ourselves on the back. Either way, here is the video one more time.  (more…)

YouTube For Android Updated, UI Revamp For 10″ Tablets Has Finally Come

This morning, an update to the official YouTube for Android application was released, bringing a brand new UI for 10″ tablets. If you open up YouTube every once in a while, then you will see that this is the same UI that has been pushed to phones and 7″ devices for the past month or so. Instead of having that revolving wheel type of layout, you now have a more “organized” view of your subscriptions and the content they publish.  (more…)