YouTube Gaming Launches Tomorrow

YouTube Gaming, which is Google’s take on a Twitch-like live-streamed gaming experience, launches tomorrow, August 26, according to Gamespot.

With the service, users will find more than 25,000 dedicated game pages to keep up with, support videos, and of course, live streams from your favorite gamers. At launch, YouTube Gaming should have both web and mobile applications available, so that you can feed that gaming addiction from anywhere.  (more…)

Victory: Google Decoupling Google+ and YouTube

In a blog post published this morning, Google states that with Google+, a few things could have gone better. “While we got certain things right, we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink,” Google admits. If you happen to use YouTube and Google+, then you will know that statement could not be more true.

Before the changes that are set to take place, setting up a YouTube account attached to a Google+ profile, especially if you are a Google Apps user, was beyond ridiculous. And please, let’s not get started on the YouTube comments section regarding the involvement of Google+ and your need for a profile attached to your existing Google account.

YouTube Gets a Redesign on Android, New Video Creation Tools

Notice anything different about your YouTube app this week? You should have received an update to YouTube within the last day that introduced a new 3-tabbed design to make it “easier than ever to find videos you love.”

The new app ditches the slideout navigation menu for three tabs or columns of Home, Subscriptions, and Account. Those names are pretty self explanatory, but the basics are you get to explore and discover videos with recommendations on your Home, find the latest from your subscriptions on the Subscriptions page, and check out your own account or upload new videos in the Account page.  (more…)

YouTube App Will Display Vertical Videos ‘Properly’ When in Fullscreen Mode

People don’t like vertical videos. Boo-hoo. They may be a bit of an eye sore, but to help combat the way they look on mobile devices, the YouTube app for Android will now show vertical videos properly when you go into fullscreen mode.

As an example, when you hit the fullscreen button while in portrait mode, the app will zoom in on the video, taking up the full portion of your display with the video. No black bars, or anything like that from now on.  (more…)

YouTube App for Android and iOS Now Supports Playback at 60fps

The official YouTube application for both Android and iOS flipped a switch this morning, allowing mobile viewers to watch select videos in 60fps. I say select videos, since not all videos on YouTube are uploaded at 60fps. However, there is a healthy selection of content creators who upload in high resolution and frame rate, so finding high quality content to consume on your mobile device should not be an issue.  (more…)