Gmail 5.0 Will Add 3rd Party Email Support, Including Yahoo and Outlook

When Google pushes out Gmail 5.0, an update that will for sure include a full Material Design makeover, another accompanying feature may end up being the star of the show for many. How would you like to access your third party email accounts through the Gmail app? According to the Gmail 5.0 app that we just poked around inside, the app is going to support Yahoo, Outlook and “more” email services very soon.  (more…)

Aviate Launcher Becomes “Yahoo Aviate,” Receives Update and Goes Open to All

Aviate is alive and well, in case you were wondering. The third party launcher that was acquired by Yahoo at the beginning of the year, became open to all while receiving a new name and major update today, to show the world that Yahoo plans to keep the app around for the foreseeable future.

For those new to Aviate – which is officially called Yahoo Aviate going forward – this is indeed a third party launcher, but it’s different than most in that it tries to provide you with smart setups to simplify your life. It automatically and “intelligently” organizes your phone by trying to give you the information you need when you need it most. It puts together apps by type, recommends other apps you might like, shows things like dinner tips when you are out, brings up music apps if you plug in headphones, and has all of your work stuff available when you arrive at the office.  (more…)

News Aggregation App Yahoo News Digest Launches for Android

Ever feel overwhelmed by the day’s endless flood of news? A number of services attempt to rank and aggregate the news by importance, but Yahoo thinks it can do them one better. Yahoo News Digest, previously exclusive to iOS, is launching today on Google Play for Android devices.

The app separates news by four locales: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or International. It has a built-in article browser, but is really designed to operate unobtrusively in the background. Every morning at 8 a.m. and evening at 6 p.m., it’ll deliver a summary of the top news, replete with “atoms” – related articles, maps, Wikipedia entries, etc. – that are intended to help you digest the news.  (more…)

Yahoo Mail Turns 16 – Celebrates With New Mail App on Android, Introduces Conversations

yahoo mail android

To celebrate the 16th birthday of Yahoo Mail, Yahoo is releasing new apps on Android, iOS, and desktop throughout the day. The new apps introduce user interface tweaks that utilize conversation views, similar to what you have probably been experiencing in Gmail for years. Conversations, as you know, group your ongoing mail chats so that you can see entire conversations in a single view. But that’s not all.  (more…)

Yahoo Weather App for Android Gets Overhauled, is Now Pretty Damn Beautiful

new yahoo weather

Yahoo Weather received an update this morning that turns the Android app into one of the more beautiful weather apps we have seen to date. The complete UI makeover pulls in location-based photos from Flickr, uses minimal text and images to present temperatures and forecasts, and even comes close to following most of Android’s new design guidelines (side navigation menu). You can still add multiple locations, with each pulling in a big, beautiful photo to represent it. Plus, you’ll see 10-day forecasts, chances of precipitation, wind and pressure, moon phases, UV patterns, sunrise and sunset, and more. Oh, there is a new lock screen widget as well, that maximizes as you swipe it down.

The app remains free. Bravo, Yahoo.  (more…)