Yahoo Mail Turns 16 – Celebrates With New Mail App on Android, Introduces Conversations

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To celebrate the 16th birthday of Yahoo Mail, Yahoo is releasing new apps on Android, iOS, and desktop throughout the day. The new apps introduce user interface tweaks that utilize conversation views, similar to what you have probably been experiencing in Gmail for years. Conversations, as you know, group your ongoing mail chats so that you can see entire conversations in a single view. But that’s not all.  (more…)

Yahoo Weather App for Android Gets Overhauled, is Now Pretty Damn Beautiful

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Yahoo Weather received an update this morning that turns the Android app into one of the more beautiful weather apps we have seen to date. The complete UI makeover pulls in location-based photos from Flickr, uses minimal text and images to present temperatures and forecasts, and even comes close to following most of Android’s new design guidelines (side navigation menu). You can still add multiple locations, with each pulling in a big, beautiful photo to represent it. Plus, you’ll see 10-day forecasts, chances of precipitation, wind and pressure, moon phases, UV patterns, sunrise and sunset, and more. Oh, there is a new lock screen widget as well, that maximizes as you swipe it down.

The app remains free. Bravo, Yahoo.  (more…)

Flickr App Updated, Brings High-Res Photo-centric Look


On top of all the other exciting news from Yahoo! today, the company just launched an update to their official Flickr Android app through Google Play, bringing a very polished look with it. The app’s UI is centered solely on photos and Yahoo doesn’t seem scared to recommend some great photographers that you should start following. Within seconds I was greeted by gorgeous landscapes and classy nudes. Thanks, Yahoo!  (more…)

Official Yahoo! App Updated to Version 1.0, Packs Visual News Stream


This morning, a new beefed up version of the Yahoo! application hit Google Play. Inside, Yahoo! looks to be focusing their time on bringing more news to your device, as there is now an “endless visual stream of stories,” along with the ability to personalize your stream with topics you want to follow. To top it off, there is an enhanced web search that features images as well as videos when you make an inquiry from inside the app.  (more…)

Yahoo Updates Mail App on Android – Renamed to “Y Mail,” Fancy UI Overhaul Included

The official Yahoo Mail app received a makeover and a new name today. Now known as “Y Mail,” the app itself follows a new motto of “Fast. Easy. Anywhere.” They made the interface super simple, but also incredibly fast, so that you can access everything in your account at all times and accomplish tasks more quickly. They also made it a similar experience across multiple platforms by releasing a new web client and updating their iOS, Windows Phone, and Android apps.

As you can see in the new Android version, they took a number of ideas from the Android design guidelines. It’s close to being Holo theme, plus we have a slideout panel from the left side to quickly get you into folders or categories. The app also has a pull-to-refresh and a quick-to-access action bar at the bottom. It looks great, especially for those that still use Yahoo Mail.

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Yahoo! Releases Official Flickr App For Android

If there weren’t already enough ways for people to share and browse photos on the web, then Yahoo! just filled the gap with the release (finally) of their very popular Flickr service in form of an Android application. Users can upload or snap new photos directly into the app, comment on others, view friends’ activity, and then share it all with the world.  We are still trying to figure out why this took so long to create, but we are happy to see it arrive.    (more…)

Yahoo! Adds Mobile Application Searches Right To Their Front Page

Yahoo is getting with the times apparantly, and has now added a tab to their front page entitled, “Apps”. Under this new tab you can search between the enormous lists of Android, and iOS applications. Better yet, you can choose applications and send them right to your device from Yahoo. Good looking out, Yahoo.

If searching the browser based Market just wasn’t enough for you, now you have even more options. After playing with it for a few minutes, it definitely does its job well, and the site is very polished. So go download all the Droid Life apps and let us know what you think. Going to stick to the classic Android browser based, or could you see yourself reading Yahoo’s Top News and sifting through apps from now on?

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