Yahoo Updates Mail App on Android – Renamed to “Y Mail,” Fancy UI Overhaul Included

The official Yahoo Mail app received a makeover and a new name today. Now known as “Y Mail,” the app itself follows a new motto of “Fast. Easy. Anywhere.” They made the interface super simple, but also incredibly fast, so that you can access everything in your account at all times and accomplish tasks more quickly. They also made it a similar experience across multiple platforms by releasing a new web client and updating their iOS, Windows Phone, and Android apps.

As you can see in the new Android version, they took a number of ideas from the Android design guidelines. It’s close to being Holo theme, plus we have a slideout panel from the left side to quickly get you into folders or categories. The app also has a pull-to-refresh and a quick-to-access action bar at the bottom. It looks great, especially for those that still use Yahoo Mail.

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Yahoo! Releases Official Flickr App For Android

If there weren’t already enough ways for people to share and browse photos on the web, then Yahoo! just filled the gap with the release (finally) of their very popular Flickr service in form of an Android application. Users can upload or snap new photos directly into the app, comment on others, view friends’ activity, and then share it all with the world.  We are still trying to figure out why this took so long to create, but we are happy to see it arrive.    (more…)

Yahoo! Adds Mobile Application Searches Right To Their Front Page

Yahoo is getting with the times apparantly, and has now added a tab to their front page entitled, “Apps”. Under this new tab you can search between the enormous lists of Android, and iOS applications. Better yet, you can choose applications and send them right to your device from Yahoo. Good looking out, Yahoo.

If searching the browser based Market just wasn’t enough for you, now you have even more options. After playing with it for a few minutes, it definitely does its job well, and the site is very polished. So go download all the Droid Life apps and let us know what you think. Going to stick to the classic Android browser based, or could you see yourself reading Yahoo’s Top News and sifting through apps from now on?

Yahoo App Search

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Yahoo IM App Updated to Include Free Voice Calls

The Yahoo Messenger continues to see some nice improvements with each update and this latest one brings free voice calls and landscape video.  That’s awesome and all right?  Well, at this time, the app only has support for the myTouch 4G and the EVO, which is pretty surprising, especially with so many front-facing camera devices in the wild these days.  Hello Galaxy Tab?  Hello Nexus S?

Updates available in the market for those that can actually use them.

Yahoo Updates Messenger to Include Video Chatting, Mail with Multiple Accounts

Yahoo updated a couple of its more popular apps, Messenger and Mail, to include some much needed new features.  Messenger now has official support for video chatting on the MyTouch 4G plus “experimental support” on the EVO and zero support for the Galaxy Tab.  Actually, Yahoo apps in general appear not to support ANY Galaxy S devices which is a little odd.  There are only 3 million+ in existence around the world.  The mail app now allows for multiple accounts, lets you preview photos and has a more polished notification system.  Like I said, all “much need” stuff.

*For video chatting to work, you will need both the Yahoo Messenger app and the video add-0n.

Yahoo Messenger | Video Add-on | Yahoo Mail

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Download: Yahoo IM Video Chat App, Found in New MyTouch ROM

We weren’t really expecting Yahoo IM video chat to come out for while, but our friends over at XDA Forums managed to find it deep inside the leaked myTouch ROM that’s floating around in the wild.  The app apparently works well over both 3G, 4G and wi-fi as long as your phone has a front-facing camera to support video calling.  Early feedback also suggests that phone-to-phone and phone-to-PC video calls are working, but not for those of you with a Mac.   (more…)

Yahoo Messenger Will Soon Have Video Calling

Who wants mobile video chatting/calling/stripping on their Android phone from one of the big dogs in the IM world?  Brace yourself as Yahoo Messenger’s video feature was semi-announced and should be headed to both the good guys and the i*hone, allowing video calls to anything capable of running the IM service.

The free app, will be available for both iPhone and Android phones and will allow smartphone users to not only conduct video calls with each other, but with anyone that currently uses Yahoo Messenger for video calls on their PCs, Katz said (Messenger has 81 million users worldwide, according to Yahoo).

And unlike FaceTime, Yahoo’s mobile Messenger video calling app will work not only over a WiFi connection, but over a carrier’s standard wireless network.

These are the announcements we really enjoy hearing.  While we are lacking many devices with cameras that can take advantage of a service like this, you have to assume that they are coming.

Anyone else excited?

Source:  Reuters
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