XYBOARD WiFi Models Quietly Go Up for Pre-order at Motorola Store Ahead of CES

Remember earlier when we mentioned that it would make sense for Motorola to announce a XYBOARD WiFi (essentially a XOOM 2) during CES? It now looks like that is exactly what will happen thanks to an early pre-order posting of all 4 models on Motorola’s webstore. Both the 10.1″ and 8.2″ models in 32GB and 16GB sizes can be had at anywhere from $399 up to $599. The specs all match up to the 4G LTE variants that Verizon is selling, aside from the lack of an LTE radio that is. A note on each product page mentions that orders will ship the “week of 1/18.”   (more…)

Verizon Holding $50 Off 4G LTE Tablet Sale Until December 31

If an on-contract 4G LTE tablet is in your future, purchasing one within the next couple of days will save you $50 through Verizon. All of the new DROID XYBOARD tablets along with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 series can be had at a discounted price through tomorrow 12/31. And I specifically said “on-contract” because that’s the only department you will see the discount in – nothing droppin’ from the full retail unfortunately.


Video: Motorola Takes You on a Tour of the New DROID XYBOARD Tablets

Motorola has just released a video taking viewers on a small, but detailed quick look at the new DROID XYBOARDs.  Motorola has put plenty of emphasis on their new splash guard coating, Gorilla Glass, and the ability to sync wirelessly with your PC.  All of which are features that should be considered must-haves for today’s tablet buyers.  I think our favorite part is when they dump the entire glass of water on the tab.  Don’t try that at home, folks.  (more…)

Download: DROID XYBOARD Wallpapers

One thing you can say every time Motorola releases a new device, “Damn do they know how to make some nice looking wallpapers.” As is the case with the new XYBOARD tablet are available today online and in stores December 12. There are 11 total – a couple you have seen on previous devices, but most are completely new and gorgeous. You can grab the whole pack after the break or download the individual samples that we have pulled that stuck out.   (more…)

Again, the DROID XYBOARD in Two Sizes is Available Online Today and Via Direct Fill, In Stores December 12

As a Droid Life reader, you probably knew yesterday that the DROID XYBOARD tablets would be up for sale online and via direct fill starting today. Verizon has made it officially official as of this morning though.

The in-store rollout will happen on Monday for those that wish to get their hands on these two new tablets before making a purchasing decision. Both tablets feature top notch specs with 1.2GHz processors, 1GB of RAM, dual cameras, 4G LTE radios, and Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). We wish the prices were a bit lower (starting at $429 on-contract), but this seems to be the method for whatever reason.

Buy.    (more…)

DROID XYBOARDs Should Be Available Tomorrow Via Direct Fill, All Channels December 12

If the DROID XYBOARD is to be your next tablet, then tomorrow is your day to order one online or to have a Verizon store order one for you. If you want to wait to play with one before droppin’ Benjamins, you will have to try and hold out until Monday when they should available everywhere. So again, XYBOARD available via d-fill (direct fill) tomorrow, all channels on Monday the 12th.

If you would like to see how they compare to the rest of the competition, you can view comparison charts here. Pricing information here.

DROID XYBOARD Demo Units Arriving in Stores, Other Notes Too

I’ll just say this up front – now that the Galaxy Nexus launch is up in the air, it probably means that devices like the XYBOARD are too. Verizon initially had pegged December 12 (Monday) as the day, but it’s anyone’s guess now (actually, tomorrow is an option as odd as that may sound). What we do know is that the demo units for stores are starting to arrive. So if you were interested in playing with one, now would be the time to call your local store and see if you can get your hands on them.

And speaking of the Nexus (because we know you need more rumors), heard a dozen times today that December 15 (next Thursday) has now been targeted (yes, ignore yesterday’s random 12/13 date). Will it happen then? Again, I wouldn’t put money on any launch date at this point after Friday was given the axe. If it does, you may also see the white RAZR along side it.

Cheers ___!

Verizon Compares the DROID XYBOARD to the iPad 2, Kindle Fire and Others

Intrigued by the DROID XYBOARD tablets that Verizon announced yesterday? Then you may want to take a look at these two comparison charts that pit both against the competition, including the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire.

Both of the new XYBOARDs (10″ and 8.2″) best almost every other tablet (aside from the Transformer Prime) when it comes to specs given their slight bump in processor speed of 1.2GHz, improved screen, and 4G LTE. Is that slight bump along with an improved screen enough to turn future tablet owners away from the market stomping Fire and iPad 2? I’m not so sure, especially at prices well above both. The new tablets from Motorola start at $429 ($529 for the 10″) on contract, meaning you can get into a Fire for over $200 less without signing 2 years of your life away. If you need 4G speeds on a tablet while on the go though, then these may just end up being your option.

A release date was confirmed yesterday for December 12 (Monday), but after seeing the Galaxy Nexus get bumped from the 9th with just days to go, I wouldn’t put money on anything these days.

Versus the Kindle Fire after the break.   (more…)