Google Experimenting with Bringing AOSP to the Sony Xperia S

For years there has been a battle between AOSP fans and manufacturers to hack vanilla Android (or something close to it like CyanogenMod) onto devices instead of the manufacturer’s version of Android. The difficulty with this battle is that it takes a tremendous amount of work to get another ROM working on a device. A developer cannot simply take AOSP Android and load it onto a device because stock Android is actually designed to run on a specific device (currently the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus 7).

Jean-Baptiste Queru, the technical head of the Android Open Source Project, wants to experiment with how AOSP works. Starting with the Xperia S, Queru has invited the community to experiment with porting AOSP to the device. “In theory, AOSP is designed such that it should be possible to plug in the files related to additional hardware targets,” said Queru in a Google Groups post. “In practice, that has never happened.”  (more…)

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Lands on Android!

Well, today just took a turn for the kick ass and righteous. Glu Mobile, publisher of many other popular game titles on Android have released Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies to Google Play. The game features the maps and weapons that made it such a huge success among console gamers such as Kino Der Toten and Ascension.

Before you make a mess of yourself though, know that the game has been released for support of only Sony Xperia devices for the next 30 days. Once that period of time is over, everyone else can also enjoy the zombie slaying for a hefty $7.

Play Link ($6.99)

Sony Xperia PLAY on Verizon Receiving Update to Android 2.3.3

With no support documents to be found, we have visual proof that Verizon’s Sony Xperia PLAY is receiving an update to Android 2.3.3.  It for the most part sounds like bug fixes, but won’t know for sure until we see documentation.  For now though, if you own one, jump into Settings>About phone and try and pull it.  Should be there!

Build should be 3.0.1.E.0.88.

Cheers Eric and Legion!

Download: Xperia Arc Launcher for All Devices

If you were up late with us on the west coast last night, then you might have seen our tweets about the Xperia Arc launcher that showed up over at XDA.  A better-than-average launcher that allows for some nice customization in the dock (including folders), some sort settings in a transparent drawer, and a really cool preview page of all of your screens’ widgets combined.

Should work on almost all devices including the DROID franchise (pics taken from my DROID X).  And yep, works on all non-rooted devices as well.   (more…)