Update on DROIDX Gingerbread and DROIDX2 Launch Software, Xperia Play Will be First With Android 2.3 on Verizon (Updated)

It’s May 16 and if we were going to see a roll out of Gingerbread to the DROIDX, we probably would have seen some signs from Verizon that it was actually happening.  As you may have guessed, we haven’t seen any of them, so we’ll have to assume that it won’t be here today or maybe even this week for that matter.  There are a couple of rumors floating around behind the scenes that suggest it may not be out until after the DROIDX2 hits on May 26.  And why would they do that?

Well, because the DX2 is also looking more and more like it won’t launch with Android 2.3, but 2.2 instead.  All of those leaked pictures we’ve seen from the user guide and launch kit with blue Blur are not Gingerbread according to our sources.  We were worried that they might slap the new Blur over 2.2 just like we saw on the Bionic at CES and those fears appear to have come true.  We’ve been told that the device guide for employees also clearly says “Froyo” and that dev builds of the phone are still running 2.2.  Just think, is there any way they would allow the original DX to be running newer software than its replacement?  They wouldn’t let it happen.

And to add to this rumor, we’ve also been told that when the Xperia Play launches on the 26 alongside the DX2, it will be dubbed the “first Verizon phone running Gingerbread.”

Update:  We have pics of an official update here.

Need a recap? DROIDX2 launching May 26 with new blue Blur, but only running 2.2.  Xperia Play launching May 26 with stock Gingerbread.  Original DROIDX won’t receive Android 2.3 until the DX2 has it.

Hopefully that didn’t ruin too many Mondays, but we wanted to keep you in the loop on what we’re hearing.  If things change, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Cheers CK and DB!

Possible New Release Dates for the DROIDX2, LG Revolution and Xperia Play on Verizon?

Our friends at Verizon just reached out to share with us the upcoming May release schedule for a variety of new devices including the DROIDX2, LG Revolution, and Xperia Play.  All have been rumored left and right, but it’s starting to look like Big Red has firmed up its plans for each one of them.  Here is what we’ve got:

  • DROIDX2:  May 12 – Reps are being told to sell through the remaining inventory of the original DX to make room for the DX2.  And remember that the DX2 is expected to be Verizon’s first dual-core Tegra 2 phone.
  • LG Revolution:  May 12 – The next 4G LTE device, which will follow up the DROID Charge.  It’s also expected to be the first Android phone to launch with Netflix support.
  • HTC Trophy:  May 12 – The first Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon.  Possibility of a limited supply.
  • Sony Xperia Play:  May 26 – You all know it as the PlayStation Phone.  It looks like it’s finally ready for the States.  Should be offered in all VZW stores.

As you have all probably realized, May 12 is looking like a huge day and is next Thursday.  If these dates indeed hold up, and we’re expecting at least a couple of them to, then you should start seeing press releases by the end of this week or at the very latest, next Monday.  Talk about device overload.  We just barely got our hands on the Charge and Incredible 2!

Cheers ___!

Updated Verizon Roadmap: DROID Charge Launching April 14, Incredible 2 on April 21

Last week, a Verizon roadmap leaked out which showed the release dates of almost all of their new phones including the Incredible 2 and DROID Charge, but things may have changed slightly which only makes sense since the Charge didn’t make that original April 7 date.  According to the sheet you are looking at above (image removed), Sears (Kmart) plans to start selling the Charge next Thursday (April 14) with the Incredible 2 following up right behind it on April 21.  The Charge doesn’t come as a surprise especially since we’ve seen accessories already arriving in stores as of today.  The Sony Xperia PLAY will then finish out the month on April 28, making April insanely busy for us in the mobile phone industry.

Anyone jumping on any of these?

Cheers ___!

Verizon Roadmap: DROID CHARGE and Incredible 2 Headed for April – BIONIC, X2, and Revolution in May

Been a while since we saw a big roadmapped leaked out from Verizon, but today, our friends over at Phandroid appear to have the latest which details more phones than I think any of us can even comprehend at this point.  Over the next 2 months, we are expecting to see at least 7 above average Android handsets (some DROID, some not) that will easily keep Verizon on top of the game throughout the rest of the year and this is only one half of it.

So here we go!   (more…)

Official: Sony Xperia PLAY Headed to Verizon Spring 2011

Time to welcome in a new member to the already impressive Android collection on Verizon, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY aka the Playstation Phone.  Murmurs of the device possibly hitting Big Red started last week and today, it became official in an announcement at MWC in Barcelona.  The PLAY will come to VZW first out of all the U.S. carriers and should be here some time in the spring, which means it’ll be battling it out with new versions of our beloved DROID franchise like the DROID X2.

Loading up with Gingerbread (Android 2.3), a slideout gaming keyboard, 4″ screen, 5MP camera, 1GHz processor, and a GPU capable of producing 60 FPS, this could be one heck of a fun toy.  What do you guys think?  Who’s ready for some serious gaming?

Full gallery, press release and specs after the break.   (more…)

Is the Sony Xperia PLAY Headed to Verizon? (Updated)

According to a chart that went live at Wirefly’s site on February 3rd, the Sony Xperia PLAY is headed to Verizon.  Yep, this would be the Playstation phone that we’ve been covering over at Android Life, but was kept far from the pages of DL since we assumed it wouldn’t come anywhere near Big Red.  The PLAY hasn’t been announced on a carrier yet, but could be on Sunday in a press event that kicks off just before MWC.  I guess we’ll know at that time if that chart needs to see some quick editing.  And I have to admit that seeing this phone on Verizon would shock the heck out of me.

Update:  As expected, Wirefly has now changed the carrier to “To be determined.”

Need a few specs?  How does a 4″ LCD screen, Gingerbread, 5MP camera and the ultimate gaming slide-out keyboard sound?  Anyone interested?

The PLAY’s Super Bowl ad featuring Andy and his creepy thumbs after the break.   (more…)