Sony Ericsson Announces 20 Games For The Xperia PLAY

Gaming is only getting better for the Green Robot. Sony Ericsson announced that they are bringing an excellent trove of game titles that are optimized for the Xperia PLAY. Huge titles like Minecraft, Pocket Legends, Star Legends, D.A.R.K., and even Battlefield Bad Company 2. Some titles are exclusive to the Xperia, including most of the aforementioned. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of great games with no exclusiveness to the PLAY.  After the jump check out the huge list of titles.   (more…)

Video: Sony Xperia PLAY Quick Hands-on

The Sony Xperia PLAY aka the Playstation Phone is now available from Verizon for $199 on contract.  It includes a gamepad, 4″ screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and probably most importantly, runs stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).  This phone has been leaked time and time again and there are little surprises left, but we still want to give it the full DL experience.  We’re starting with a quick hands-on…   (more…)

LG Revolution, Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 All Available from Verizon Today

If you were looking to invest in a new Android phone, then today wouldn’t be a bad day to head over to your nearest Verizon store.  The LG Revolution ($249), Sony Xperia PLAY ($199) and Motorola DROIDX2 ($199) are all available.  One of them run’s on their brand new 4G LTE network, another is a gaming machine, and the last is Big Red’s first dual-core phone.  We’ll be doing a bunch of coverage on both the Xperia PLAY and DROIDX2 starting today, so if you want to wait and see our thoughts on them, just hang out here.  The LG Revolution on the other hand has us torn – it’s basically the DROID Charge (our review), but without Google Search or that amazing Super AMOLED Plus screen.  Oh, they did toss in Netflix though.


Anyone picking one up today?

Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, DROIDX2, and Xperia Play Wallpapers All Bundled Into Individual Apps

Dave Kover – a continuous giver to the Android community. Creator and maintainer of some of Android’s most popular themes, has now put up on the Market individual applications for all of the aforementioned devices’ wallpapers; putting them in easy to use, slick user interfaces. All users must do is download the application, hit Wallpapers from a home screen, then select from the different folders. All the images have been taken from the individual system dumps and packaged nicely for us. Simply hit the links below and be taken to the Market for download. All free.

DROID Charge | HTC Thunderbolt | DROIDX2 | Xperia Play

See all of Dave’s great apps and theme add-ons by clicking here.

Verizon Xperia PLAY Orders Already Shipping

The Sony Xperia PLAY from Verizon went on pre-sale last night at midnight, but wasn’t supposed to ship to customers until around 5/25 with the actual launch date as 5/26.  Well, it looks like those of you that jumped on it early might be in for a treat as one of our readers just sent over this screenshot of a confirmation from Big Red that his phone has been shipped and should arrive by May 23 (Monday).  That’s right, his stock Android 2.3 gaming machine will be at his doorstep days before it ever hits a store shelve.  So tempting.

Cheers Braden!

DROIDX2 Available Now Online at Verizon, Xperia PLAY Up for Pre-order

Both the newly announed DROIDX2 and Xperia PLAY are up on Verizon’s website – one of them to buy right now and the other to pre-order.  The DX2 will likely ship out to your house this afternoon or tomorrow, but as we told you yesterday, can be purchased in non-corporate VZW stores today if you don’t feel like waiting.  The Xperia PLAY on the other hand is just a pre-order and will ship some time around 5/25.  Each phone is listed at $199 on 2-year contract or $449 at full retail.  Again, we’re loving this new approach to full retail pricing from Big Red – please keep it up.

Buy:  DROIDX2 | Xperia PLAY

Wednesday Poll: Picking up one of Verizon’s new phones – DROIDX2, Revolution or Xperia PLAY?

Next Thursday is shaping up to be a huge Android launch day for Verizon, with the DROIDX2, Xperia PLAY and possibly even the LG Revolution all becoming available.  One is dual-core, another is stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and the other is 4G LTE, but are any of them your next phone?  Can a qHD screen, gaming pad, or front-facing camera help you decide?  And not to hi-jack this poll before you’ve even hit the voting part, but can you imagine a phone that combined all of these things?

Any of these your next device?

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Official: Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Headed to Verizon May 26 for $199

No surprises here, right?  DL readers already knew that the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY would be dropping on May 26, but it’s now officially official from Verizon.  The device will be $199 on 2-year contract, sports a 4″ screen, slideout gamepad, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP rear camera, VGA front camera, runs stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and will come loaded with 7 major gaming titles.

Pre-orders for the device will start on May 19 (Thursday) and will be available in stores on the 26.

So, who’s getting one?   (more…)