Walmart Lowers Price Of XOOM WiFi To Just $499

Looks like Walmart is ready to clean their shelves, and are making way for newer products by lowering the price of the Motorola XOOM WiFi. It’s possible that these devices could see lower prices in the future (original Samsung Galaxy Tab, anyone?), but not by too much. If you’ve been looking to score one, now would be the time. We know that some of you aren’t the biggest fans of the XOOM, but it is still technically the Honeycomb “developer device” and has a pretty large community behind it.


Cheers Darren!

Google Videos App Now Available For Motorola XOOM WiFi, Time To Rent Movies

Motorola XOOM owners can now try and grab themselves Google Videos, but be warned, it really doesn’t seem to be working too well. We rented a movie on the web browser, but the application is just displaying a server error. So is Google in the process of testing this, or have they released a broken app? Go ahead and try downloading, but definitely let us know in the comments section if it’s broken or working for you.

It’s also still looking as though it will not work for rooted XOOMs. But try it just to make sure.

Market Link

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