Motorola’s First Google-inspired Products to be “Just-right” Size With Stock Android, Shipping in Second Half 2013

motorola xt912-3

During a conversation with PCMag, Motorola’s design chief Jim Wicks opened up about the future of their products, most importantly, those influenced by the newly formed Google exec team. Wicks make it sound as if the current state of the mobile industry, one that focuses on specs and a “bigger is better” mantra, isn’t where they are headed. They want stock Android devices that are updated quickly, phones that are the right size instead of oversized, and that reach all carriers.  (more…)

This Purported Motorola X Phone Render is Hilarious

motorola x phone render

Now that Samsung and HTC have announced their flagship phones for 2013, the boredom of the internet is shining through and focusing on whatever Motorola has in the pipeline. Each day, we’re getting a new reportedly rumored spec list for the X Phone from a new anonymous “tipster” that may or may not be real but seems to get reported anyway. That’s right, when times are this slow, the tech media appears to accept any and all fan speculation that comes through its inbox as having a slight chance at being legit, thus a need to report it with thirty question marks. I know that sounds harsh, as we like to hypebeast as much as anyone, but this is getting out of hand.  (more…)

Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki Asks If You Would Like to Personalize Your Devices at Time of Order, Just Like Porsche Exclusive

motoroal xt912-2

Well, we may as well get this Motorola hypebeast engine running, since the one and only Guy Kawasaki is ready to. For those not familiar with Guy, know that he was once the ultimate Apple fanboy, acting as an evangelist to the company for years, but has since moved onto to Android and is now serving as an advisor to Motorola in some capacity. One of his first goals for his new role is to create a community that talks about the future of mobile devices. In a recent post to Google+, he brings up an interesting idea, one that was actually rumored last week. Is this the first major hint at what we can expect in the X Phone(more…)

Motorola Device Codenames: “Yeti” and “Sasquatch” to AT&T, “Ghost” to All Carriers

motorola ghost

Last week, a never-before-seen Motorola device surfaced that caught most of us by surprise. The device, sort of deemed “mid-range” is actually far from being mid-range. In fact, the more you look at the specs, the more you can see that it’s as good as the Nexus 4, just not necessarily where the Galaxy S4 or HTC One sit because it lacks the newest processor available and a 1080p screen. But that device with model number XT912A could be our first preview at a new Google-powered Motorola. Gone was the kevlar backing and RAZR styling – in was a more rounded Nexus design. If this is Motorola’s next, though, will it be good enough to compete with Samsung and HTC’s newest? Or does Motorola have something else in the works. It appears as if they do.  (more…)

New Motorola Device Leaks, Looks All Sorts of Google-inspired

motorola xt912-1

A new Motorola device surfaced last night, giving a glimpse at what the now Google owned company may have in store for the future. The device goes by model number XT912A (RAZR was XT912) and is definitely not the oft-rumored X Phone (or is it?). What we are looking at is a mid-range device, but one that certainly looks more stock and less Moto than we have seen in some time.  (more…)

Random Fake Motorola X Phone Rumor Makes Internet Rounds, Doesn’t Make Much Sense Either

motorola nxt

Outside of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, I’d say it’s safe to say that most of the geeks around these parts care only about one other device – that’s the Motorola X Phone. Though Google’s CEO isn’t expecting any of Moto’s products to “wow” us over the next few months, the X Phone will continue to be on our radar, as all of Motorola’s have been in the past. There is a chance that it ends up wow-ing us, especially if Google shows that they have had any influence  on its design, build materials, and software tweaks. With that said, there has been little tangible evidence to this point, so when we see purported leaks surface, we can’t help but be extremely skeptical. Take today’s for example.  (more…)

Google CFO: None of Motorola’s Upcoming Products are “Wow” by Google Standards

motorola x phone2

Back in January, Google CFO Patrick Pichette mentioned that Motorola had inherited 18 months of product pipeline that they would need to drain through before the company could focus on creating something completely new. We assumed at the time that he was referring to that period coming to an end with the RAZR HD and RAZR M, and that Moto would be working towards releasing their first set of products under new management some time by mid-2013. In what can only be considered sad news to Motorola fans, his remarks at today’s Morgan Stanley Technology Conference paint somewhat of a different picture.  (more…)

Motorola X Phone Said to be a “Game Changer” With Software Never Seen Before in a Phone

motorola x phone1

Oh that Motorola X Phone, it’s hypebeastability has somehow evaded us over the last couple of weeks even though it’s the most anticipated phone of the last year. After the wild rumor surfaced suggesting that it would be available on all carriers as well as the Play store for an insanely low price, we were thirstier than ever for more info. But then once Motorola either trolled us all or slipped up completely by listing a job opportunity for a director of product management for the X Phone team, we haven’t heard much. Well, until now, thanks to a rumor out of Australian electronics site, SmartHouse(more…)