Motorola CEO Confirms the Moto X Phone, Will Build It in Texas (Updated)

dennis woodside

Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s new CEO, just confirmed in an interview at D11 that they are indeed making a phone called Moto X. He said that the phone will be the first smartphone built in the U.S. “We’re building it in Texas,” Woodside mentioned during his sitdown. They are going to employee about 2,000 people outside of Forth Worth at a 500,000 square foot facility to make the magic happen.  (more…)

Motorola XT1056 for Sprint Stops by FCC, Could be Another XFON Variant

sprint xfon

The Motorola XT1056 stopped by the FCC this week sporting Sprint’s LTE band. If we were betting men, we’d be willing to bet that this is likely the Sprint version of the “XFON” that has been spotted a number of times on its way to AT&T in both benchmarks and in pictures. The model number for AT&Ts version is XT1058, so XT1056 certainly matches up to the model number scheme, especially if the XT1060 that we reported yesterday is indeed Verizon’s variant(more…)

Verizon’s “XFON” Likely the XT1060, Also Runs a Snapdragon S4 Dual-core MSM8960

motorola xt912-4

The Motorola XT1058, or better known as the “XFON,” is fully expected to launch on AT&T some time in the very near future. We’ve seen benchmarks with AT&T in the name, an FCC filing with model number that points towards AT&T bands, and pictures of the device in the wild with AT&T logos in the notification bar. But what about the other carriers? If the XT1058 is only headed to AT&T, does that mean the XFON is another AT&T exclusive or is there another model coming to carriers like Verizon?  (more…)

Specs for the Motorola “XFON” XT1058 Appear in Benchmark: 720p Display and Dual-core Snapdragon S4 Processor

motorola xt912-3

The “XFON” from Motorola is no longer much of a secret now that it has been both pictured and found cruising through the FCC. It’s the phone you are seeing above that leaked months ago, at least all signs point to that being the case. While Motorola could easily have some tricks up its sleeves for this device that will “wow” us in the end, current info from a recent GFXBench benchmark pegs this device as a mid-range Android handset.  (more…)

Mystery “XFON” Motorola Device Stops by FCC, Headed to AT&T


The plot is thickening, Android fans. Tonight, FCC documents show a mysterious Motorola device, matching up in design to previous images we have seen, here and here. As far as what is in the FCC report, the only thing we can take away is that the device, model number XT1058 comes equipped with AT&T bands, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac, and NFC capability. Beyond that, nothing else.  (more…)

Pictures Leak of Mystery Motorola Device Headed to AT&T (Update: Back of the Device Pictured)

Motorola Device ATT

Images just hit Twitter from the @evleaks account, showing a “blackboxed” Motorola device with signs of it headed to AT&T all over. For starters, there is the huge AT&T logo in the notification bar, as well as AT&T’s 4G LTE logo running on top. This device (what we can see of it) does sort of resemble the XT912A that was pictured back in March, but with the black box doing its job of concealing the device’s true form, it’s hard to say.

Benchmarks for Nexus 4 LTE and X Phone Appear Running New Versions of Android, Probably Shouldn’t Believe Them Though

fake benchmarks

Don’t worry, we’ve seen your tips hit our inbox. We are well aware that benchmarks for devices named “Google Nexus 4 LTE” and “Google X phone” are appearing through apps like AnTuTu. We also know that both have been rumored off and on over the last couple of months as potential Google I/O launch devices. But pardon us if we aren’t buying into these benchmarks being legit or giving us any reason to call anything as “confirmed.” Let me explain.  (more…)

Rumor: Motorola X Phone Could Come In 20 Different Colors

x phone motorola

We have heard a lot of rumors about Motorola’s next flagship phone, rumored to be the X Phone. We’ve heard that it’s not so impressive, we’ve heard that it’s very impressive, we’ve seen our share of renders, but we haven’t up until this point heard anything definite from either Moto or Google. The latest rumor that we are hearing is that Moto’s next device is going to be outwardly customizable.  (more…)