Real Widget for Android, Brings a Taste of WP7 Metro UI to Your Homescreen

If you have been looking to change up your homescreen’s appearance, a well-placed widget is always a good way of doing that. Above is Real Widget, which easily brings WP7’s Metro UI look straight to your Android device. The free version, which works quite well despite some negative ratings in Google Play (people don’t know how to place a widget I guess?), does exactly what it states in the app’s description.

For the $1 version, you’re able to get a more uniformed look with access to additional WP7 tiles which will help with the overall UI, plus access to a music add-on and weather add-on.

It’s a nifty little widget for those looking for a change.

Play Link: Free | Paid ($1)

Cheers Michael!

Microsoft Lets Android Users Experience Windows Phone 7 Via The Browser

We would never leave Android, but it doesn’t hurt to test out how thinks might have been if we were to choose another operating system. I must admit, Microsoft has done some pretty snazzy stuff by creating a Windows Phone 7 emulator – all within your phones browser. By visiting, you will be prompted to start a guided tour through WP7.

Your device will soon switch from Android to the Windows Phone 7 experience you see above. Every tile is functional and Microsoft has done an outstanding job with a unique marketing ploy. Additionally, at the end of the tour you have a chance to win a free Windows Phone 7 device – because they know, we all love free things.

Via: Engadget