Pushbullet Update Adds Quick Replying Via Computer to Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Other Services

Pushbullet issued an update this morning that brings even more phone-to-computer-back-to-phone-again integration, similarly to how their previously introduced SMS-reply function works. In the latest update, the Pushbullet team added direct replying via computer to your Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Line messages. So now, when messages from those apps arrive on your phone, you can reply quickly through Pushbullet on your computer.  (more…)

Facebook to Acquire WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Facebook announced this afternoon that it has reached agreement to acquire WhatsApp, the incredibly popular multi-platform mobile messaging service. Oh, you want to know how much the deal is for? How does $16 billion sound? The breakdown makes that $4 billion in cash plus approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares.

According to the press release, WhatsApp will continue to operate independently and “retain its brand,” while the move will help to accelerate “Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world.”

For those new to WhatsApp, understand that the messaging platform has over 450 million users each month with 70% active on any given day, which also means they are “approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume.” The numbers are impressive for sure, but are they $16 billion impressive? Facebook certainly thinks so.

And that’s that. We’ll jump on the conference all at 3PM Pacific and update should there be other news. (more…)

Disa Messenger App Hit With Cease & Desist from WhatsApp, Forced to Remodel Their App Strategy Going Forward


I’ve been using Disa as an SMS replacement application ever since we first wrote it up a few weeks back. The app is in early alpha stages so far and has come a long way in just a few weeks, but today’s news might throw a wrench in that progress. Disa is a unified messaging service that can thread conversations together from different services. But so far, WhatsApp is the only service besides SMS that they support. Apparentl,y WhatsApp isn’t too happy about that. (more…)

WhatsApp Sets New Company Record, 27 Billion Messages Sent and Received in Just 24 Hours


If you needed a reason to believe that people enjoy sending messages through systems other than SMS, take note of the milestone that WhatsApp hit today. The popular chatting and messaging system has been around on Android for a long time and has a huge user base. They took to their Twitter account to run through some numbers for us and they were a bit staggering. In one 24 hour cycle, WhatsApp handled 27 billion messages. That’s with a “B.” (more…)

WhatsApp Executive Says They Are Not Talking to Google About a Buyout


Hot on the heels of the story that was reported yesterday, the business development head of WhatsApp, Neeraj Arora, said that there are no talks between his company and Google regarding a sale. Rumors were swirling yesterday that Google was looking to purchase WhatsApp to bolster their upcoming unified messaging service, Babel. According to the report, the offer was near $1 billion to purchase WhatsApp, but that apparently is not the case.  (more…)

Rumor: Google Planning to Acquire WhatsApp for Upwards of $1 Billion


The worst kept secret leading up to this year’s Google I/O event has been the influx of information hinting at Google planning a new unified messaging service named “Babel.” While Google is no stranger to messaging and chat services, it looks like they might be seeking some help with the new app down the road. New rumors place Google in negotiations with the popular messaging app WhatsApp and it sounds like Google might pay a good amount.  (more…)