Vine Receives Big Update, Front Facing Camera Support and Plenty More


Vine for Android is getting a major update today, full of amazing new features that users have been clamoring for since it first launched earlier this month. Oh wait, most of these things should have been there since day one. I forgot that their development team rushed to get this app out of the door as quickly as possible and might have skipped a few things along the way.  (more…)

Facebook Announces Instagram with Video, Will be Available Day One for Android


Today at Facebook’s small press event, Mark Zuckerburg and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced Instagram with video. Yep, Instagram will now have video capabilities. Using the same app that everyone already has installed, users can record up to 15 seconds with the ability to add separate clips, just like Vine and Cinemagram. In addition, users can choose from 13 custom video filters for their clips.  (more…)

Report: Instagram to Announce Vine-like Video Support at Facebook Event

instagram logo onex (1)

With Facebook hosting a small press event on June 20, sources close to both Instagram and Facebook are stating that the social network has something big planned for the photo-sharing filter-happy network. According to TechCrunch, Facebook intends to announce video capabilities for Instagram, almost identical to what Twitter’s Vine application offers. Users can record up 5 or 10 second videos, then upload them for sharing.  (more…)

Tip: Using Vine for Android? You Might Want to Clear the App’s Cache

Vine Cache

As happy as we were to see Vine finally arrive for Android, we somehow get the feeling that the developers could have easily worked on this app for another month or so before releasing it to Android. From crowded servers to app hackers taking advantage of the allowed video length settings, this app has been pretty stressed. Nevertheless, it is Vine and people will continue to use it, so we wanted to make sure you knew of another issue that seems to be plaguing frequent Viners.  (more…)

Vine Finally Arrives Today on Android (Updated: It’s Live!)

vine android

Vine, Twitter’s popular short-clip video sharing service that was previously only on iOS, will be available on Android today. For those not familiar, Vine allows you to record 6 seconds of video (with sound) and then share it with the world, much like you do a Tweet. It becomes interesting in the idea that you can pause and continue recording simply by touching and releasing your finger to and from the screen. Current Vine users have created all sorts of 6-second stop motion clips that are highly entertaining, many of which continuously loop.  (more…)

Cinemagram Finally Arrives for Android, Think “GIFs on Steroids”


After teasing the app for some time, Cinemagram is finally available for Android. For those not in the know, think of this application as Vine, the video/GIF-sharing app on iOS. You record four seconds of video, apply an effect and then let it rip. The video then either rewinds itself back and forth or repeats itself from the beginning. The app is laid out like Instagram, but instead of still shots, you see GIF-like posts from friends and people you follow.  (more…)

Vine Looking for Android Developers, Don’t Expect an App Anytime Soon Though

vine twitter

It was only a matter of time from when Vine, Twitter’s new video sharing service, was announced to when we would be seeing it on Android. According to a job posting today from Vine, that time might be longer than we thought. The 3 person developer team is looking to add 6 more people, including a Lead Android Engineer.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Vine hasn’t been working on an Android version at all, but it seems that way. Once the company nails down their Engineer, then work should hopefully start towards getting us Android users in on the game.

Will you use Vine once it lands on Android or is it just another network that we don’t need?

Via: Phandroid