Verizon is Going to Let Samsung Kill the Galaxy Note 7 on January 5

Last week, shortly after Samsung announced that it would issue a software update that would stop the Galaxy Note 7 from charging and render remaining units useless, Verizon came forward to suggest that they would not be participating in such madness. Big Red said that they weren’t fans of killing the phones of customers during the “heart of the holiday travel season” and that they “do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation.” But now today, Verizon is letting Galaxy Note 7 owners know that they will indeed participate in the software update after all, only not until January 5.  (more…)

Verizon’s Black Friday 2016 Deals are Here and You’ll Want to Take a Look

Yesterday, we highlighted one of the Verizon Black Friday deals for 2016, which included Google’s Pixel phone for as low as $10 per month. Today, Verizon pushed out their whole list of Black Friday deals and I think you’ll want to take a look. The deals include free phones galore (with trade-ins), free $200 VISA gift cards, $200 savings on Android phones $400+, price drops on tablets, and a whole bunch of well-priced accessories.

Ready for the whole list? Have at it.

Verizon Black Friday Deals  (more…)

Google Home Now Just $99 for a Limited Time!

November 23 has arrived and that means Google Home is officially discounted for a limited time during this Black Friday deals week to $99. That’s a cool $30 discount on the brand new home assistant.

Need a refresher on what Google Home is and can do? The unboxing and setup below should help, but think of it a lot like Amazon Echo. You get to control portions of your smart home with voice actions and Google Assistant, set reminders or timers, check traffic, order an Uber, look up information, play games, check on the weather, and listen to music, just to name a few items. I’ve got a couple in my house and use them multiple times per day already. At $99, they are a steal.

A bunch of retailers all have them discounted and they are linked below.

Google Home Links:  VerizonBest Buy | Walmart | Target | Google Store  (more…)