AT&T Wastes No Time Matching Verizon’s New $20 Upgrade Fee

On Monday, Verizon introduced a new “upgrade fee” for those customers who buy new phones on device payment plans or at full retail. We spent a good handful of hours over the past week trashing all over the fee, because it seems like an incredibly slick move for a major wireless carrier who is always on the cutting edge when it comes to bleeding you dry at every angle. Of course, Verizon isn’t the only carrier with an upgrade fee – both AT&T and Sprint have them as well.

Speaking of AT&T, their upgrade fee was set at $15 just last August, but now that Verizon has gone with a $20 price point, they are wasting no time in matching the greed. That’s right, as of today, AT&T now has a $20 upgrade fee in place, because why not. We’re talking two days after Verizon pushed theirs live. How awesome.  (more…)

LG G5 Now Available at Your Favorite US Carriers

It’s LG G5 day! I know that doesn’t ring as loudly as it did on Galaxy S7 day, but the G5 is still a big phone, a big deal, and worth your consideration now that it is available for purchase and in stores. We’ve unboxed one, done a non-unboxing and tour, compared it to the S7, and given you our seven favorite features. We have actually talked a lot about it leading up until today.

So if you have seen enough and are ready to purchase the G5 before our review is up (which should arrive next week), you will find all of the links below to your US carrier of choice.  (more…)

Verizon’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Marshmallow Updates Start Tomorrow (Updated)

Starting tomorrow, the Verizon variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will begin receiving their updates to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Verizon posted support documents for each phone’s update this evening, but dated availability as beginning April 1.

The update will arrive as software version VRU4CPC2 for each phone, along with Android build MMB29K, which is Android 6.0.1.  (more…)

20 Customer Responses to Verizon’s New $20 Upgrade Fee

You’ve heard the news. On Monday, April 4, Verizon is planning to tack on another probably-non-necessary $20 fee because it’s expensive when people give them money. I almost can’t type that with a straight face, but I don’t know any other way to put it.

What am I referring to? The new $20 upgrade fee that Verizon will charge customers who buy phones on a monthly payment plan, through Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, or at full retail, without any sort of agreement. In other words, if your phone costs $650, you’ll pay $670 for it. Jesus. I seriously can’t type this stuff without spitting up.

I’m going to stop now and instead direct your attention to our readers reactions to ideas like this, many of which are Verizon customers. In just the short amount of time since the news broke, this is what 20 of the best, immediate responses were to Verizon’s $20.  (more…)