LG Trolls Samsung With Well-Placed Optimus G Billboards in Times Square

LG Optimus Times Square Troll

Someone on LG’s marketing street team is a genius. This morning, new billboards went up in Times Square, directly over Samsung’s “The Next Galaxy” ad that reads, “LG Optimus is here 4 you now!”

We know that Samsung spent $400+ million dollars on marketing Galaxy last year alone, but it’s starting to look like they should have spent just a tad bit more. Well played, LG.

You mad, Sammy?

Via: Engadget

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Utilize New “Eye-Scrolling” Feature

samsung logo

With the introduction of last year’s Galaxy S3, Samsung showed the world how smart a smartphone could be. With Smart Stay, the S3’s camera would see if your eyes were open and focused on the device, and would determine if it should dim its display or not. Fancy, right? Well, Samsung is looking to take that a step further with a new eye-scrolling feature that is said to come equipped on the Galaxy S4(more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Date Officially Set for March 14, Streamed Live for All to See

galaxy s4 invite2

Late last night, reps for Samsung started to confirm to the press that their next flagship device would indeed be unveiled in the U.S. at an Unpacked event in New York on March 14. This morning, they posted a public press release through their Twitter account, officially inviting you all to join in on the fun. The event will be streamed live on YouTube, so that the world can see the new Galaxy, likely to be named the Galaxy S4.

The event starts at 7PM EST on March 14. To watch the live action, youtube.com/samsungmobile will have it all.  (more…)

Samsung Announces New Unpacked Event for October 11 at CTIA

Samsung just announced their October 11 “Unpacked” event for CTIA, which has us wondering what could be in store.  They already announced the Samsung Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA just a month ago, so what could be next?  Well, let’s think about the timing.  We know that Ice Cream Sandwich is due some time in October.  We know that there are rumors of the new Nexus device, possibly the Galaxy Nexus, that could be out by the end of October or early November.  Or maybe they will announce this other Verizon Sammie device that everyone wants to refer to as the DROID Prime, which they think will just be a SGS2 variant?  A lot of questions that we will see answered next month in person.

Thoughts? Would you rather have the Galaxy Nexus or a Verizon SGS2 variant? (That a dumb question?)