Samsung Gives Us 9 New Topics to Think About for Galaxy S5 Event

This morning, Samsung posted a revised invite for their February 24 “Unpacked 5” event with nine icons that represent nine potential topics of focus. The Galaxy S5 is almost guaranteed to be unveiled at the event, but the sales pitch is not something that Samsung has given any hint into until now. The nine icons represent Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life.  (more…)

Samsung Sets Date for “Unpacked 5” on February 24, Ready for the Galaxy S5?

This afternoon, Samsung sent us an invitation to their next big event, titled “Unpacked 5.” The event takes place on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain, the week of Mobile World Congress. While nothing is confirmed on the invitation, the unveiling of the Galaxy S5 seems likely. Why else would there be a “5” next to “Unpacked” if this is only episode 1 of the Unpacked series?

There will be a live stream of the event at Samsung’s YouTube channel, plus we’ll be on hand to get our hands all over whatever is announced.

The show starts at 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific on February 24.  (more…)

Live: Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2!


We are live in New York City for Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event! Below you’ll find a live stream of the event, along with play-by-play coverage through our live blog for those who can’t stop what they are doing to watch the action unfold on video.

As you can see the from the picture I snapped last night, Samsung is indeed preparing to take over Times Square once again, just like they did with the Galaxy S4 launch. This time though, it’s all about the Galaxy Note line, and the Galaxy Note 3. We’ll also more than likely be treated to Samsung’s first smartwatch, dubbed the Galaxy Gear, so join us below to take it all in.  (more…)

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Reportedly Confirmed for Unveiling at Samsung Unpacked Event in September

Galaxy Gear

On September 4, Samsung is set to take the stage in Berlin and unveil the Galaxy Note 3. While that is pretty much 100% confirmed, there have been talks and even patent filings concerning a Samsung smartwatch, which was first referred to as Samsung Gear. According to SamMobile, they have learned from sources that Galaxy Gear (model number SM-V700) is real, and will be launching alongside the Note 3 on September 4 at the Unpacked event.  (more…)

Software Enhancements Seen on Galaxy S4 Will Come to Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Galaxy S4

If you caught yesterday’s Unpacked event from Samsung, you noticed they took plenty of time to show off a lot of interesting new software features that will come baked into the Galaxy S4. In a recent interview, Samsung’s VP of Portfolio Planning confirmed that a lot of the software enhancements that we saw yesterday would make their way to Samsung’s other flagship devices, as long as they are not hardware dependent.  (more…)

Video Overview: Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware, Software Tour and Gallery

S4 overview

We finally have our hands on the new Galaxy S4 from Samsung. In this video, Kellex gives us his customary first impressions and software tour of the device. With the S4 running that same TouchWiz UI, but with Android 4.2.2 underneath and a ton of new proprietary software, this phone looks to be a major improvement over last year’s Galaxy S3.

For the full device gallery and software video overview, check below.

Update:  Added hardware tour as well.  (more…)

Video: Re-watch the Full Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked Event


They just wrapped up in New York at Samsung’s Unpacked event, but you can already go back and relive your favorite moments. Samsung announced their newest flagship device, the Galaxy S4, along with its new software features and a few accessories.

To check out all of our coverage on the Galaxy S4, look here.

LG Trolls Samsung With Well-Placed Optimus G Billboards in Times Square

LG Optimus Times Square Troll

Someone on LG’s marketing street team is a genius. This morning, new billboards went up in Times Square, directly over Samsung’s “The Next Galaxy” ad that reads, “LG Optimus is here 4 you now!”

We know that Samsung spent $400+ million dollars on marketing Galaxy last year alone, but it’s starting to look like they should have spent just a tad bit more. Well played, LG.

You mad, Sammy?

Via: Engadget