Twitter Intros Moments for Android and iOS, the “Best of Twitter in an Instant”

On Twitter, we really only see content from those we follow, which means it is possible we are missing out on a ton of great photos, tweets, and news. Today, Twitter announced Moments, “the best of Twitter in an instant.” Moments brings the feel of albums to Twitter, allowing you to find engaging, developing stories, regardless of who you follow.  (more…)

Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit From Direct Messages

Two months ago, Twitter told us that it would soon be removing its 140-character limit from direct messages. Today, they came through and actually did remove it. Now, when you send private messages to another user, you can go on and on and on and likely never run out of room, unless you happen to have more than 10,000 letters to type.

The 140-character limit does still live on in regular Tweets, though, so don’t take to Twitter today hoping to post a book to your timeline. Again, this limit change only relates to direct messages.

The new limit removal starts rolling out today on Android, iOS,, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac.  (more…)

Twitter to Rethink 3rd-Party Developer Strategy, May Soon Welcome Them Back With Open Arms

If you are an Android user who also scrolls through Twitter from time to time, it is possible you do so on one of many 3rd-party applications built for the service. Back in early to mid-2013, Twitter began a war on 3rd-party developers, limiting the amount of information an app could gain from the network, and even going so far as to limit the amount of users an app could have thanks to “login tokens.”

Falcon Pro, one of the more popular clients, was severely hindered by this move. Now, with Twitter in search of a new CEO, it appears the company has come out and said this move was a “strategic error,” and may soon welcome developers back to the platform.  (more…)

Twitter is Removing 140-Character Limit in Direct Messages

Twitter’s CEO just quit (or was forced out – who knows), in case you were interested in executive shake-ups at big tech companies. If not, then let me direct your Twitter attention to a new announcement by the Twitter staff to developers concerning a lifting of the 140-character limit in direct messages. On the Twitter Community portal, Twitter staff made the change public while providing recommendations for app developers to follow in order to make sure their apps and services can handle longer format messages before they flip the switch.

That’s right! No limit when having conversations through direct messages come July on Twitter! Somewhere, Master P is makin’ ’em say uhhh. (more…)

Tweets Now Show in Google Search Results on Mobile

How much more useful would Google Search results be if they displayed real-time content? For example, if you searched last week for information on the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, it might have taken longer than your patience could handle before a news outlet had any up-to-the-minute information on it that would display as a news result in Google’s listings for that search. Starting today, that will no longer be an issue as Google has teamed up with Twitter to add Tweets to search results, giving you real-time info as it happens through the voices of those on Twitter.  (more…)