Twitter’s Official Tablet App Sneaks Out of IFA, Ready for Download

twitter android tablets

The folks over at Android Next were cruising the IFA show floor last week when they stumbled upon Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and noticed that it was running what appeared to be an official Twitter app for tablets. As Twitter fanatics are aware, the official Twitter app for Android tablets has been missing, well, since day 1. iOS has one for the iPad, but Android still doesn’t – at least until now…sort of. The app was pulled (we’re assuming) from the show floor Note 10.1 that AN was fondling, so it’s not like this app is officially available. In fact, we aren’t sure if this version was on the Note 10.1 because Samsung struck some deal with Twitter to exclusively house the app for some time, or if they were just lucky enough to get to test it on their tablets before anyone else. Either way, the .apk is now available for anyone willing to give it a run.  (more…)

This is What Nokia Imagined When They Heard Android 4.4 Would be Named Kit Kat


Lost in the smartwatch madness yesterday were some fighting words to come out of Nokia’s German Twitter Account. We were just as surprised as anyone when earlier this week the Android team announced that their upcoming version would be named after the well-established candy, Kit Kat. Most people might have bought a piece of candy after hearing the news, but Nokia had other ideas. (more…)

Twitter Opens Android Beta Program, Test the Latest Tweeting Experiments


Twitter is the newest company to join in on the Android beta fun. Earlier this week, Snapchat opened up a beta program, a move that apparently a lot of companies are looking to make. Once joined, you can access experimental features that won’t be live to the general public, but keep in mind that when using a beta, there is always a chance that you can experience issues.  (more…)

Twitter Enhances Conversations in Android App, Boosts Performance on Weaker Devices


A new update for the official Twitter app hit Google Play today, full of new little features and fixes that greatly improve the app in the eyes of its developers. The big change you will see is a new “blue line” that connects conversations that are taking place in between people you follow. For example, in the photo we posted above, you can see two people I follow go back and forth about blue lines, and you know they are replying to each other thanks to the blue line. We wouldn’t’ say this feature was necessary, but it is what it is.  (more…)

Twitter Update Adds Login Verification Improvements, New Photo Gallery

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This morning, Twitter updated their Android to let you enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from the app. You no longer need a phone number to do so, nor do you need to rely on text messages for verification. They also introduced broader international support for verification, are providing backup codes that can be written down in case you lose your phone, and provide more context during login requests.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Updated to Version 2.0.5, But Don’t Go Looking on Google Play

falcon pro android

For those not following, Falcon Pro was recently removed from Google Play by its developer, because Twitter apparently shut the app down. With Twitter not allowing the app to generate any new user tokens, having customers buy the app and then not being able to use it didn’t make much sense.

The developer found somewhat a workaround for this, hosting his own site now where everyone that either purchased the app already or wants to use it can download it for free. In addition, the developer also found a sneaky way around Twitter’s token limit, which may or may not have been fixed by Twitter now. Either way, there is a new update for the app, bringing some new features and fixes which everyone is welcome to go download.  (more…)

Carbon for Twitter Updated, Brings In-App Browser and Huge Performance Improvements

carbon twitter android

With users flocking away from Falcon Pro and their drama with Twitter, Carbon is looking like a pretty good alternative for 3rd party tweeting. Today, the app received an update to version 1.2.0, bringing a long list of new features, as well as major performance boosts. In the update, the developer has added a built-in browser, allowing users to check out full webpages that were linked to in tweets. On top of that, YouTube video playback has been added, plus Vine video playback.  (more…)