Falcon Pro Reaches Twitter Token Limit Again, You’ll Need to Update and Relogin to Claim Token (Updated)

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.47.27 AM

Falcon Pro, what is arguably still the most popular Android Twitter client of the moment, reached its Twitter token limit again last night. What does that mean for you? In order to free up unused tokens, the app’s developer has uploaded a new version of the app that resets all tokens. So once you grab the new update (when it goes live), you’ll have to login again with your Twitter credentials to claim a token and continue using the app.  (more…)

Beta Program Goes Live for Falcon Pro (Update)


Who doesn’t love a good beta every now and then? If you have purchased Falcon Pro, the third party Twitter app that we have discussed time and time again, then you will now be able to join a recently launched beta program to help improve the application. In the beta program, which is hosted on Google+, there is a feature request list, a section for bugs and also a general discussion area.  (more…)

Vine Finally Arrives Today on Android (Updated: It’s Live!)

vine android

Vine, Twitter’s popular short-clip video sharing service that was previously only on iOS, will be available on Android today. For those not familiar, Vine allows you to record 6 seconds of video (with sound) and then share it with the world, much like you do a Tweet. It becomes interesting in the idea that you can pause and continue recording simply by touching and releasing your finger to and from the screen. Current Vine users have created all sorts of 6-second stop motion clips that are highly entertaining, many of which continuously loop.  (more…)

Twitter for Android Updated – New Tweetbox, Richer Notifications, and Wider Timelines

twitter android

The official Twitter app for Android received a hefty update this morning, one that includes a revamped Tweet composer that should make it easier to share photos thanks to quick access to your camera roll. When pressing the gallery button, your images will appear just under the Tweet composer, so that you can quickly choose the images you need or have likely recently taken. It’s a pretty nifty trick.

Users will also find richer notifications, a wider and taller timeline, and notifications when friends join the social network.  (more…)

Twitter Announces Official Google Glass Support – Share Photos, Tweet, and More From Glass

glass twitter

Twitter announced official support for Google Glass this morning. The social network will allow users to take and share photos directly through Glass with the text “Just shared a photo #throughglass” included. You can also keep up notifications for mentions, DMs, and Tweets from users you have given that power to. Last, you can reply, favorite, and retweet.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Updated With New Font, Action Bar Placement Settings and More

falcon pro

Today, Falcon Pro got a nice update to version 1.9. Inside, you will find a brand new font (although it’s still Roboto-based), position holding for lists, and the awesome option to set the action bar on the bottom of the display. Along with the new features, there were some bugs that needed squashing, including the one where the DashClock extension wasn’t refreshing. Consider it now squashed. (more…)

Twitter for Android Updated, Brings a Menu Button!


Hold onto your caps, folks – the Twitter app for Android now has a menu button! Well actually, we should be a bit more specific given this is our business. It’s called an Action Overflow Button. I know, I know, where has this been since the beginning? Either way, it’s there now for easy account switching and quick access to account settings. Go utilize it till your finger falls off.  (more…)