Twitter for Android Receives Update With Photo Improvements, Real-time Stories in Timeline

Twitter for Android received a noteworthy update this afternoon that includes new photo sharing improvements, along with real-time stories at the top of your timeline after pull-to-refreshes. For photo uploads and shares, you will see a cropping tool to get your aspect just right, an option to rotate your photo, and a reminder (if there are people in your photo) to @ mention them.

Outside of the photo news, Twitter is also introducing real-time recommendations should you refresh and not have any new Tweets to check out. In other words, if you pull-to-refresh and see no new Tweets, Twitter will show you trending topics or suggestions for accounts to follow, plus TV, sports, and news event updates.  (more…)

Talon is a New Twitter App for Android From the Makers of Sliding Messaging, Available Today For $1.99

After Carbon and Falcon Pro have both unfortunately reached (or are nearing) their token limit for new users, developers haven’t yet given up on creating a Twitter client for the masses. The latest, called Talon, comes from developer Luke Klinker, of Klinker Apps. If you can recall, Luke and his brother, Jacob, were the creators of Sliding Messaging, an app we have featured a time or two.

Talon is a beautiful, simple Twitter client I instantly became a fan of during its early beta days. It features all of the great features of any old Twitter client, yet combines them with a Google+-like, sleek interface along with useful add-ons such as “Talon Pull,” an ongoing notifications showing the amount of unread Tweets in your timeline and more.  (more…)

Carbon V2.0 is Now Live on Google Play – It’s Even Blacker Than Before

Carbon for Android v2.0 is now live on Google Play for interested parties. As mentioned in a teaser post about the substantial update, this does indeed include a new visual style (read: more blackness), new timeline design, a Quick Timeline feature, clickable images/videos in the timeline, other tweaks here and there, and a bunch of bug fixes. It’s certainly different, though some things will take some getting used to. (more…)

Carbon for Twitter V2 Arrives Tomorrow With New Look, New Timeline Design

Carbon, the oft-delayed Twitter app for Android that finally arrived earlier this year, will see an update to version 2.0 tomorrow, according to developer M.Saleh Esmaeili. In the new version of the app, we will apparently see “a whole new look, a brand new Timeline design,” and the return of an older feature called Quick Timeline (I’m guessing was made popular on versions of Carbon from other platforms). That’s all we know so far.  (more…)

Twitter Launches Android Alpha Test Group, Gives Opportunity to “Provide Direct Feedback and Collaborate”

twitter android

Back in August of this year, Twitter launched a beta program, aimed at users who would help the company find and destroy bugs before the official release hit Google Play. Those users have gone through a roller coaster of design changes, irritable features, and countless other little bugs as the Twitter team has been tweaking its Android offering nonstop. Today, the company announced a new Alpha testing group, one that will allow members to provide direct feedback to developers and designers, plus the ability to collaborate directly with Twitter to make the best app possible.  (more…)

Twitter Releases Tablet-optimized App, Currently Only Available for One Device


Today, Twitter announced a brand new tablet-optimized application for Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition tablet owners. Yes, you read that right, it’s a complete overhaul of the tablet app for a single device. The Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition hit the shelves in the U.S. starting today, and anyone who has picked one up, can start experiencing the refreshed Twitter app. In terms of what’s new, it’s your basic Twitter app, but there have been a few features added in to take advantage of the Note 10.1’s large display and included stylus.  (more…)