Fenix Reaches Twitter’s Ridiculous Token Limit, Disappears From Google Play (Updated)

Fenix, one of the best 3rd party Twitter apps on Android, appears to have hit Twitter’s ridiculous token limit and is now gone from Google Play. Over the weekend, a user tweeted at the official Fenix account while looking for help after seeing a message that made reference to Fenix being unable to authenticate more users. Fenix’s owner replied with the bad news on the limit, along with a refund offer.  (more…)

Periscope Beta Testing Sketching Feature for Streamers

According to at least a couple of users, Periscope is working on a Sketching feature for those who stream via the service, granting the ability to draw on top of the video that is being streamed to viewers. Sort of like what you would find on Snapchat, streamers can draw simple shapes or draw attention to a specific object by highlighting it with a circle.  (more…)

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Twitter Intros “Best Tweets First” Feature, Brings Top Tweets to Forefront

A new feature is hitting Twitter, one which brings important tweets you may have missed directly to the top of your timeline. If you are a Twitter user that follows hundreds or even thousands of people, you probably miss a whole ton of interesting tweets. With the “Show me the best Tweets first” feature turned on, Twitter will automatically populate the top of your timeline with the best tweets from the folks you follow.  (more…)

Twitter Ditches Favorites, Replaces With Hearts, Calls Them “Likes”

Twitter announced this morning that it is ditching Favorites, a feature that has been built into the service for years. Favorites allowed users to place a star on a tweet, so they could show tweeters how much they liked the tweet, or to save it for later reading. Now, instead of Favorites, you will Heart tweets, and we will all call them “Likes.” You know, because I wasn’t already liking enough content on social media.  (more…)