Asus Transformer Receiving Update to Build

Own an Asus Transformer? Check for in your system settings for an update! According to one of our readers and this Euro Asus Facebook page, a new update is on the way that will introduce app backups along with a variety of other bug fixes and enhancements. It’s not Ice Cream Sandwich of course, but I have to admit that Asus continues to impress me with the amount of updating they do to this device. So much for certain other tablets being released as the “dev devices” – this should be another reason you all seriously consider the Transformer Prime when it drops next week.

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Asus Investor Document Confirms Transformer Prime “Launch” on November 9

Asus has already made it clear that an announcement for their new Transformer Prime is coming on November 9, but could that also be the launch date? According to their Q3 investor document, that is exactly what will happen. And not only do they plan to launch this device then, but Asus wants to take firm hold of the Android tablet market and likely start to crack into Apple’s by releasing two additional slates in Q1 of next year. Could that be the silly Padfone and a new Slider?

Quite a bit of “perfection” talk going on in that document. Asus must be feelin’ really good about their new line of tablets which likely has a lot to do with the inclusion of NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El processors.

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Transformer Prime Landing Page Goes Live, Video From Its AsiaD Unveiling As Well

The new Transformer Prime from Asus made a brief appearance on stage last night at the AsiaD conference. It looks ultra-thin, will run NVIDIA’s new quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and dock into a keyboard just like its predecessor. The landing page for it on Asus’ site is already live with the unveiling of the device coming in just a couple of weeks on November 9.

And if you would like to see it in video from the conference last night, we have included it below. Skip to the 6:10 mark to see it in action. “Crazy thin” doesn’t do it justice.     (more…)

Asus Twitter Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer

Not that anyone wasn’t expecting Ice Cream Sandwich on the Asus Transformer, but a confirmation from the company behind it is always welcomed. Last night we saw a quick tease of the follow-up device to it called the Transformer Prime along with assurance from their chairman that ICS could be here well before the end of the year. With a November 9th date scheduled to unveil that device, we may also be in store for an ICS announcement. The end of 2011 is getting better by the minute.

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Grand Theft Auto III Coming To An Android Near You, Get Your Bulletproof Vests Ready

10 years ago this month, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto III to the world. An open world game where you were a lowly thug on the streets of Liberty City and things happened, bad things. No one knew that this game would change how almost every other game after it would play. So to celebrate this benchmark in video games, Rockstar is planning on releasing a mobile version of GTA 3 “later this fall” to a “select new generation of Android devices.” Those devices include the Motorola Droid X2, Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S II and even support for the Motorola XOOM, ASUS Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Rockstar says to “stay tuned for more devices to be announced” on top of that list. Noticeably missing though is the Xperia Play, a ‘Playstation phone’ made specifically for games. Seeing as how GTA 3 made a name for itself on the Playstation 2 this is an odd omission.

It will be interesting to see how well the mobile devices will run this game, but it is 10 years old after all and it did not have the same graphics or size that games these days have. As long as this is reasonably priced I will definitely be looking into this as a game for my XOOM.

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New ASUS Transformer 2 Available November 7th?

An overseas site had the follow up to the popular ASUS Transformer listed as a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core device, with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Word spread quickly and NVIDIA has since asked that the information be pulled from the site, but those actions have almost confirmed the aforementioned info. The site also listed the device to be available on November 7, which works in the same time frame that ASUS’ CEO, Jerry Shen placed on it just a couple weeks ago.

Chairman of ASUS, Jonney Shih will be speaking at the AsiaD conference next week along with NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. We could easily say that we’ll be hearing something about the newest Transformer shortly.

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ASUS Not Scared By Kindle Fire Threats, Will Release Transformer 2 As Planned

Jerry Shen, the CEO of ASUS, has recently gone on the record about the new tablet arena that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has created. First off, he said that he has no immediate plans to slash the price of the original ASUS Eee Pad Transformer to keep up with the Fire. We have already seen some companies do this in the wake of Amazon’s rumored 100,000 pre-orders of their new tablet, but ASUS says they are still gaining successful results from their tablets.

Shen also let slip that the upcoming Transformer 2 would be priced at $499, more than the $399 that the original Transformer cost you. This is not surprising news considering that it is rumored that the sequel to the Transformer will be the first tablet shipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. We have seen and heard some awesome things from that processor and we should be hearing more on the Transformer 2 in the coming months since it was supposed to be out this fall.

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Asus Transformer Receiving Android 3.2.1 Update Now

A couple of readers turned on their Asus Transformers this morning and found a little surprise that needed their approval.  An update to Android 3.2.1 was/is available, bringing the most popular Honeycomb tablet on the planet up to the most current version.  Since we had yet to see a changelog after the XOOM WiFi received a similar update, we cruised over to Asus’ Facebook page and sure enough, they had posted the details:

Google Update: Android 3.2.1

  • Security enhancement

New Feature:

  • Supernote


  • Added Farsi IME support
  • Czech IME improvement : support Qwerty & Qwertz
  • JP SKU fixed translation bug and Polaris office font
  • Added more language translation into ASUS App

APP Updates:

  • CN SKU 3rd party app bug fix
  • Polaris office & ASUS WebStorage update


  • Browser with Adobe Flash improvement; ex: YouTube
  • Browser force-close improvement
  • Improve Wi-Fi stability
  • Improve Chinese handwriting prediction : recognize character from each stroke

Go grab it now!

Cheers David!