HTC Thunderbolt Update to 2.11.605.19 Begins Rolling Out to Owners

The emails and tweets are flying in with HTC Thunderbolt owners saying that their devices are starting to see the 2.11.605.19 update prompt. The update itself isn’t major and appears to be focused on connectivity issues, plus has better VPN functionality and better handling of Yahoo Mail. Go get it, Bolt owners.

To updateSettings > Software update > Status or Check new

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HTC Thunderbolt Update 2.11.605.19 Approved and Ready, Is Not Ice Cream Sandwich

A new update for the HTC Thunderbolt has been approved by Verizon and is ready to be rolled out. The build number of  2.11.605.19 may look familiar since it leaked a few weeks back. The update itself isn’t major and appears to be focused on connectivity issues. It also has better VPN functionality and better handling of Yahoo Mail.

When these update docs arrive, we usually see an update within a week or two.

The update is 61MB in size. More info.

Minor HTC Thunderbolt Update 2.11.605.19 Released


A small HTC Thunderbolt update has been released as 2.11.605.19 ahead of an official push if anyone is interested in flashing it. This is a full RUU and can be used by everyone, not just rooted users. If you have unlocked your Tbolt using HTC’s bootloader tool, you will apparently have to relock before flashing this (that sounds fun).

The update again, is minor. It makes the phone a bit more stable, updates some bloatware, and includes a new radio.  (more…)

HTC Posts Ice Cream Sandwich Update List Again, Reminds Motorola that 3G Devices Need Love Too

Not that this list is new, since HTC reported it via Facebook a while back, but we like reminders on important things like Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Included with this list of phones is another type of reminder though, one that should make DROID X2 and DROID 3 owners a tad frustrated. That’s right, HTC is basically upgrading their entire 2011 lineup to Android 4.0, including their 3G offerings. You will see the Incredible 2 and Rhyme on this list, as well as on Verizon’s list, but no where will you find a Moto 3G phone. Shrug some shoulders, roll some eyes and shake your heads.  (more…)

Verizon Releases List of Phones to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

Verizon has been silent for the most part when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich updates for their lineup of Android devices. Many of the OEMs that they deal with have informed us in one way or another, but we were waiting for Big Red to make some things official since they sign off on final software. Their list is now public and is as follows.

For HTC devices, we will see Android 4.0 on the Thunderbolt, Incredible 2, Rhyme and Rezound. Sorry original Incredible owners. For Motorola devices we will see it on the XOOM, Bionic, RAZR, RAZR MAXX, DROID 4 and XYBOARD tablets. Sorry DROID X, DROID X2, and DROID 3 owners. For Samsung devices it looks like only the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 7.7 will see it. No DROID Charge. From LG, only the Spectrum will receive ICS.

Sooo, quite a few devices missing including a couple that should have more than enough power under the hood to run Android 4.0.

Update:  Yes, I see that it says “4G LTE devices currently scheduled” in the press release which has led many to believe that this is simply a 4G LTE only list and that some 3G devices were specifically left out. I’m having a hard time following that logic since the Incredible 2 and Rhyme were also listed and are 3G-only phones. Also, the DROID Charge which is 4G LTE, is left off. This is an assumption of course, but I would tend to lean towards this list being pretty complete.

No dates were given. (more…)

Team BAMF Releases Their First Galaxy Nexus ROM, History Tells Us This Will Likely Be Good

If you owned an HTC Thunderbolt at any point during the last year, rooted it, and tossed on a custom ROM, there is a good chance that it was one of Team BAMF’s. They basically took over that whole scene from the get-go and never let up. So now that they have finally released their first ROM for the Galaxy Nexus, you should probably think about giving it a look even if you have become attached to one of the other 2-dozen available.

In this ROM titled “Paradigm,” you will find an AOSP 4.0.3 base with some of 4.0.4 thrown in. They tossed out all of the “useless” tweaks and mods, but left you with enough to add to the stock experience. You will still find customizable quick controls, an LTE widget, custom clock, customizable lock screen apps, and many of the rest of the “must haves” in Nexus ROMS. Again, this should be a good one.  (more…)

HTC: Thunderbolt, Incredible 2 and Rhyme Will All Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh you thought HTC was going to leave you out Thunderbolt owners? OK truthfully, we did too. But that has all changed! According to their official Facebook page, not only will the Thunderbolt see Ice Cream Sandwich, but so will the Rhyme and Incredible 2. Yessir, HTC doin’ big thangs.

No timeframe for release was given, but they have confirmed that upgrades “are planned.”  (more…)

Some HTC Handsets Including the Thunderbolt had a WiFi Security Issue, May Have Already Been Fixed

Another security hole has been made public that affected a number of HTC handsets, including the Thunderbolt. The issue was first discovered back in September of 2011 and was then patched in most of the handsets through OTA updates without any of you knowing. The vulnerability had to do with the way some of their handsets connect securely to WiFi networks, potentially leaving your password available.

A list – from what we can tell – of devices that have already been updated is not available at this time. HTC has asked that we all check back next week to see whether or not your phone has already been fixed or if you need to manually patch your phone yourself.

Via:  TheNexWeb, HTC