Show Off Your DROID Home Screens Day!

Been a while since we took a day to let everyone show off the beauty that is their personalized home screen.  And since a lot of you are rockin’ out with a new HTC Thunderbolt, we figured that you’ve probably had to change up that look a little.  We also have a variety of new themes in the wild for the DX/D2 and OG, so let’s show them off!

If you missed out the last time we did this, here are the basic guidelines:

  1. Take screenshots of as many of your screens as you’d like using apps like drocap2 or ShootMe if you are rooted.  Follow these instructions to take them using the Android SDK if not rooted.
  2. Upload your screenshots to an image hosting site like dropboxImgur or Tinypic.  Paste the URLs to the images in the comments to allow everyone to see the images as click-able thumbnails.
  3. Comment on and “like” your favorites.

With your shots, list out some, all or more of the following info:

  1. Device (D1, D2, Incredible, DX, etc.)
  2. Current launcher
  3. Special wallpapers, widgets, icons
  4. Custom ROM if you are running one.

My screens:

  1. Left: DROIDX | Right: Thunderbolt
  2. Stock launchers on both; Sense on the TBolt
  3. OreoSlice wallpaper pack on both, CircleLauncher, Circle Battery Widget, SimiClock on DX, BobClock on TBolt.
  4. Liberty 1.5 on DX.  rEVOlution skin on TBolt.

Download: OreoSlice Theme for Liberty ROM 1.5 by bassdj and droidzforlife

Earlier today we brought you a new pink Droid Life-inspired theme, but since we know that not everyone is the biggest salmon fan, how about another option?  Theming gurus droidzforlife and bassdj has created something  that might be a true masterpiece called OreoSlice. And while they are claiming that it’s not quite finished, I don’t care and neither should you.  This theme is insanely good and anyone out there running Liberty 1.5 on their DROID X or DROID 2, might want to grab this one.

The download seems huge, but that’s because he tossed in a ton of black and white wallpapers for you to choose from.  Seriously, applaud these two.

Note:  The transparent market is ridiculous…  (more…)

Download: Gingerbread Theme for Stock Rooted DROID X Users

For those of you running the official 2.3.340 update for the Droid X and want to have a theme to get you as far away from that awful Blur skin as possible, then this is the post for you.  XDA member waremike32 released 3 themes to fit over top of a stock rooted DX and one of them will take you into the wonderful world of Gingerbread.  The instructions are fairly simple, but we’ll lay them out for those of you new to the game after the break.   (more…)

Custom OG Droid Friday: Theme Pack for MIUI

Earlier this week we posted about the new MIUI ROM taking a liking to our home, and becoming a family member. Well what really puts the Prunus Avium on top is the fact that there’s so many themes for it. And switching them? That’s even easier!

After the jump, I will walk you through downloading this pack and applying them to the ROM.
Let’s have some fun! (more…)

DROID X Theme: Sinful Pink by JsinLegacy

How about a Thanksgiving special from one of our favorite themers, JsinLegacy?   Say hello to “Sinful Pink”, a theme with just enough touches of our favorite color (salmon?) to make you feel metro without blinding you into calling it pink.  And actually, there are additional colors, but we know how much you all love this color and wouldn’t want to disappoint.  Enjoy!   (more…)

DROID X Theme: Xpired by Rola and JsinLegacy

Team Incognito is at it again with an another amazing Droid X theme.  We’ll keep featuring their work until someone else comes along with something hotter.  Please say hello to Xpired by Rola and JsinLegacy which might be their finest work to date.  Xpired runs on top of RubiX Focused 1.0 only, and is a Blur-less ROM that has few rivals.  Just wait until you see the boot animation.   (more…)