Sprinkle Released as the Newest Tegra-Optimized Game, Will Have Kal-El Support in the Near Future

Along with the launch of NVIDIA’s TegraZone.com, we get a new Tegra-optimized game to check out called Sprinkle.  As a “water physics-based puzzler”, you’ll see some of the more polished graphics and water physics of any game on the market.  The idea is simple – put out fires using an adjustable water cannon.  Completing that task isn’t always so simple though, and requires you to reach back to your childhood fire hose days for inspiration.

The game is available for $1.99 today in the market along with its 46 levels that can be unlocked by tapping 5 fingers on the screen.

*Note – There will be a Kal-El-optimized version of Sprinkle once a device running that new processor has been made available.   (more…)

NVIDIA Launches TegraZone.com, Updates App, and Wants to Give Away 5 Acer Iconia Tabs to Celebrate

The folks at NVIDIA are taking this mobile gaming thing as serious as anyone these days.  For months now, we have enjoyed their TegraZone app which highlights any game that has been optimized for devices running Tegra processors.  So to help further influence this world of mobile gaming, NVIDIA has unveiled the new TegraZone.com website as well as an easier way for developers to submit games that they believe are on good enough to be featured as a Tegra-optimized title.

Through this new site, you’ll find many of the same great features you found through the TegraZone app (which updated today by the way), only you can access it from anywhere and at any time.  You will see high res screenshots, videos, interviews with developers, and more.

Oh, and to celebrate the launch of all this gaming goodness, NVIDIA is giving away five (5) Acer Iconia Tabs, plus 15 t-shirts.

Enter the contest | Visit TegraZone.com | Market Link

Press release and full details after the jump.   (more…)

Zinio Offers Tegra Optimized Magazines on Honeycomb Tablets

Zinio actually launched their Android app almost three weeks ago, but we’re just now finding out that it has been Tegra-optimized to give you a buttery smooth experience while thumbing through the latest edition of Cosmo or Bazaar.  In the video we’ve attached below, you can see just how much of a difference it makes when these application developers work closely with chipset manufacturers; the results are what we should demand to see from everyone.

And for those that don’t know, Zinio is a big time digital magazine publisher – they might even be the biggest.  You’ll find titles in this new app like ESPN the Mag, Maxim, Rolling Stone, and Road & Track just to name a few.  Apparently you can have 3 free magazines today, just for downloading, installing and signing up for account with them.  Probably worth a look if $6 digital mags are up your alley.     (more…)

Asus to Introduce Quad-Core Tegra 3 Transformer by October?

File this one away under gigantic rumor, but word in the component shipping world pegs Asus as preparing their first Kal-El (quad-core) Tegra 3 version of the Transformer for an October release.  While our first reaction is to say that this seems highly unlikely, we do know that NVIDIA is expecting tablets with their new Tegra chip to start shipping some time around the end of the Summer.  We’re only calling it “unlikely” because of the lack of internet buzz surrounding any manufacturer’s quad-core tablets.

It would make sense for Asus to rush to be the first, especially after seeing the success of their Tegra 2 Transformer which DigiTimes is calling the number one non-Apple tablet in the U.S.  Why not capitalize on all of the buzz that has surrounded one of the hardest tablets on the market to find?  Hell, even we struggled to find one to give away.  OK, that’s an exaggeration, but it was the hottest of all of the tablets that we gave away.

To our Transformer readers out there – are you ready for what’s next?  Is Asus now your tablet brand of choice?

Via:  DigiTimes

SHADOWGUN Demo Video Released, Headed to Android Market in September

This impressive game called SHADOWGUN first popped up two weeks ago as a potential NVIDIA Kal-El quad-core title and was so impressive that we haven’t been able to stop talking about it.  So to continue to feed our addiction to these new console-quality graphics, the fine folks at Madfinger dropped this demo video of the game at E3 that will surely make your jaw slap the floor.  We had previously just seen a couple of screenshots followed by a quick walk-through of a single area, but this thing takes us into battle against mutants, shows ammo pickups, blood, and so much more.  It’s pretty ridiculous.

And at the end of the trailer, you’ll notice that they plan to release the game sometime in September of this year.  Yeah, that’s just 3 months away.   (more…)

NVIDIA Clears the Air on Compatibility Issues with LTE and Tegra Chips

Been wondering what caused the delay of the original DROID Bionic and the 4G LTE upgrade on the Motorola XOOM?  Internet rumors would suggest that the Tegra 2 processor in each device has for some reason struggled to work with Verizon’s new super fast network, but the dual-core’s maker isn’t about to let that go down.  In fact, we just got off the phone with NVIDIA who wanted to squash this nonsense for good with the following statement:

Tegra has no compatibility issues with LTE at all. The Tegra-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE tablet runs on Verizon’s LTE network and is a perfect example of Tegra working fine w/ 4G LTE. Tegra 2 interfaces with many types of modems via standard interfaces, including LTE. There is nothing inherently unique about LTE as far as Tegra 2 is concerned.

Hard to argue with that point right there.  The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2) which will be out later this month (possibly June 23),  has zero issues running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.  And not that we want to continue to hammer on Motorola, but their CEO Sanjay Jha did attempt to take the blame for these delays, so we’re not completely sure why or where this Tegra hating LTE stuff started.

NVIDIA will continue to pump out their innovative mobile chipsets and Moto we hope, will some day figure out whatever issues they have been experiencing and deliver us the goods.  Everyone good?

SHADOWGUN Announced for Both Tegra 2 and Kal-El Processors, Might Be the Most Visually Impressive Mobile Game Ever

Madfinger Games, the same guys that brought us Samurai II, just announced their new project called SHADOWGUN which is one of the first titles to be made specifically for NVIDIA’s new Kal-El quad-core processor.  When you look up “console-quality” in a dictionary, the picture you are seeing above is now featured.  Everyone please attempt to pick your jaw up from off the floor.

The game is already being referenced as the “most advanced handheld game in the market” and will also have a version available for Tegra 2 devices.  It involves futuristic weaponry, a personal Android assistant, bounty hunters, cyborgs, mutants, and genetically-enhanced humanoids in the year 2350.  Do we even need to say more?  Oh, a date.  They are only announcing that game is in the works at this time, but hope to have it out some time in 2011.

Be sure to check out the press release and some additional screenshots of the game after the break.  This game looks amazing.      (more…)

Riptide GP Released for Tegra 2 Devices, Mobile Gaming has a Bright Future

Riptide GP was released to the Android Market today and we haven’t been able to put it down.  If you are looking for a mobile game with that “wow factor” then look no further than this one.  It’s really just a jet ski racing game and the concept isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before, but the graphics, environments, and game play will probably make your jaw drop a little.  When NVIDIA stood on stage at CES talking about how much fun gaming would be on their wave of Tegra 2 devices, this must have been what they were referring to.

Check out our video walk-through below.   (more…)