iFixit Tears Down the Moto X

motox ifixit1

With the Moto X now publicly available to customers of AT&T, the iFixit crew was able to procure one and then crack it open with their array of tiny niche tools. Teardowns typically tend to make us a weep a little inside, but this time around we were more excited than depressed to see this phone torn open. Motorola claims to have done some engineering tricks to get all of the Moto X’s goodies packed into such a svelte body. This teardown should reveal all of those.  (more…)

NVIDIA SHIELD Gets the Teardown Treatment


We just got done posting our complete NVIDIA SHIELD review, and like clockwork, iFixIt has posted their form of a review – a complete device teardown! The teardown is a great way of seeing exactly what is inside the SHIELD, making it such a powerful gaming machine. Besides NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor, we get eyes on with some Samsung memory chips, SK Hynix RAM, the SHIELD’s interesting battery configuration and the springs that control the triggers. Remember, don’t try this at home. (more…)

Google Glass Not Exempt, Gets the Teardown Treatment


While I wouldn’t be caught dead tearing down a $1500 piece of hardware, there are others in this industry that live for the opportunity. Just like all of the other top tier flagship devices that have launched over the years, Google’s Project Glass recently met up with the teardown treatment. Using some special screwdrivers and tools, the device was broken down, revealing all of its insides and hidden gems. No unicorns or buckets of gold were found, but I guess that is to be expected.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets the Teardown Treatment, Receives High Repairability Score


It may not be a drop test (which I know you all love), but iFixIt just posted up their official Samsung Galaxy S4 teardown. With these projects, we get to see the components that make these devices so powerful, such as its Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as this is a non-Exynos variant, a closeup of its 1080p display, as well as some good closeups of the motherboard.  (more…)

HTC One Receives the Hated Teardown Treatment, Do Not Try at Home

One Teardown

This goes right up there with those crazy drop tests we see every now and then for each new device that gets released. While I understand the need for these teardowns much more than drop tests, they still make me cringe. So, the folks at iFixIt have themselves an HTC One and began tearing her down. Once finally cracking into the device (which they report goes hand in hand with damaging the shell), we see all of the device’s internals including the Qualcomm processor, power amplifier, and flash memory.  (more…)

Galaxy Nexus Gets the Teardown Treatment

Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus has been painful enough already, so if you can’t possibly take anymore, then you may want to pass on watching iFixit do their standard teardown. As a device that is almost impossible to come by unless you are willing to fork out $700+ for an unlocked GSM version, this just hurts.

On a positive note, they gave it decent scores for repairability. Well, except for the glass, which they recommend you take good care of as it won’t be easy to replace should you crack it.   (more…)