Nexus 9 Receives Teardown Treatment, Internals Exposed

The Nexus 9 is the newest device to receive iFixit’s teardown treatment, resulting in an answer to the age old question, “Can I fix this thing myself?” After peeling the back plate off, carefully removing the 6700mAh battery, dissecting all of its camera, speaker, and vibrator modules, iFixit claims that the Nexus 9 repairs will not exactly be user friendly.  (more…)

iFixit Tears Down the Moto 360 (Updated)

The Moto 360 has been torn down! I’m not sure why I am showing excitement over that fact, but hey, round things do not come around often in this world of square displays, chipsets, and boards. So, yeah! Moto 360 teardown!

The team at iFixit took on the task, as they always do, showing how easy or uneasy it would be to repair a Moto 360 should yours run into problems. In the case of the 360, it isn’t exactly easy, scoring 3 out of 10. Translation – you probably shouldn’t try to repair your Moto 360. Let the professionals do it.  (more…)

Nexus 5 Receives Teardown Treatment, Receives a Solid Repairability Score of 8


Whenever a new devices pops onto the market, it is the job of iFixit to tear it down, and then report back to the world how easily it is to repair the device. Most times, if you have something go wrong with your phone, there is a possibility you can fix the problem yourself, which would spare you hundreds of dollars for a new phone. Although, if you have insurance, then who cares, right? Beyond knowing the repairability score, we just like seeing these phones go through teardowns, so check out the gallery below of the Nexus 5 courtesy of iFixit(more…)

Nexus 5 Receives Unofficial Teardown Before Launch

Nexus 5

Given at how many leaks the Nexus 5 has seen over the past month, the only thing left to do after an unofficial teardown would be a drop test, but that would just be depressing at this point. If some guy took the device we are all waiting to see, and then purposefully destroyed it? Blasphemy. Anyways, we are on the brink of seeing what Google has in store for the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat, but one group decided they were tired of waiting, and decided to open up the Nexus 5 themselves to see if it was filled with chocolate and wafers. Turns out, there is no candy.  (more…)

iFixit Tears Down the Moto X

motox ifixit1

With the Moto X now publicly available to customers of AT&T, the iFixit crew was able to procure one and then crack it open with their array of tiny niche tools. Teardowns typically tend to make us a weep a little inside, but this time around we were more excited than depressed to see this phone torn open. Motorola claims to have done some engineering tricks to get all of the Moto X’s goodies packed into such a svelte body. This teardown should reveal all of those.  (more…)