Swype Beta Receives Update, Tell Me Again Why It Isn’t In Google Play Yet?

We’ve been following development of the third party keyboard, Swype for quite some time. In fact, it’s been years. While we still await publishing to Google Play, they continue to push updates to the keyboard and this newest version has a few features that we thought were share worthy.

Firstly, there is now the addition of “trending words.” For example, PSY’s Gangnam Style has become a cultural phenomenon, so the word “Gangnam” shall now be recognized and added for easy entry. Gee, awesome. Secondly, and more importantly, tablet users can now switch between a plain layout keyboard and a split keyboard for the wider displays. That way, swiping with your fingers over greater distance is now uber easy.

Grab the newest version here.

Via: The Verge

P.S. Come on, put it on Google Play already!

Swype Announces New Version, a 4-in-1 Keyboard Filled With Magic

Swype, who seemed to have been losing its edge in the keyboard game to Swiftkey around these parts, announced a major overhaul today that as you may expect, brings it inline with some of its strongest competitors. In this latest version, Swype predicts better and also learns from your emails, texts, and posts. It even includes a new 4-in-1 keyboard of sorts, meaning you can Swype words, rapidly type them key-for-key thanks to predictive text, speak using their Dragon button, or go as far as writing actual letters out with your fingertip.

It should be available at beta.swype.com for those itching to test it out, however, their site is completely overloaded. We’ll update this post as soon as it comes back.

Update:  The site appears to be back up, go download it!

Update 2:  Added video of the new Swype in action below.


Swype Updated – Ice Cream Sandwich Support Finally Arrives

Swype has officially launched support for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus. We have been waiting for quite a while as they worked the kinks out of what was reported to be a resolution issue, even though we have been seeing hacked versions for quite some time. To download the app, just head on over to the Swype Beta site and sign up, then just download the installer and take it from there.

Via: Swype Beta

Cheers Josh!

Swype with Ice Cream Sandwich Support and Other “Goodies” is Only Days Away

Well, the Swype team promised us ICS action at the end of January, but mid-February will have to do. According to their Twitter account, we are just “days away” from an update that brings with it Android 4.0 support and a number of other “goodies.”

Most of you have been enjoying Swype in a variety of colors on your Galaxy Nexus for weeks already, however, it appears as if many if not all of those files have been removed from the internet altogether. As much as we love Swype, they continue to be sticklers on the modification front. They do have IP to protect, but if they would just give us the ability to theme in a new update, the Swype Black Market would come to a screeching halt.

Ready for official ICS-supported Swype?

Via:  Twitter

Swype Finally Figures Out How to Support Ice Cream Sandwich, Update Coming “End-of-Month”

Golf clap for the Swype team? By the end of January, they should release their latest beta with “official” support for Ice Cream Sandwich. As you all know though, the developer community had this up and running back on December 22 and has already released a dozen or so themes for it as well. But hey, we all love official stuff.  (more…)

Newest Swype Beta Released in a Variety of Colors, Multiple Phones Supported Including Galaxy Nexus


We here at DL love ourselves some Swype.  But you know what we love even more?  Themed Swype.  So, when we stumbled upon this treasure chest of different themes we just couldn’t resist sharing it.  For those who have troubles choosing which colors they want, don’t fret. There are enough choices to have a new color every day of the week.  But, there are a few different versions available so make sure you install the right ones.  Depending on which phone you have, will determine which version you need.  If you are a G-Nex owner, make sure to download the apk’s from the G-Nex section on the bottom.

Update: Well, the amount of traffic we sent over has crashed their site. Cheers, DL community! You can grab all the themes here for now. Thanks for the mirror!

We can’t host the apk’s ourselves, so head on over to JBThemes for the full list and download links.  No root required.

Via:  JBThemes

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Own a DROID RAZR But Want to Use Swype Beta Instead of the Pre-loaded Version? Try These Instructions

The partnerships that Swype has formed with a variety of phone manufacturers has likely done wonders for the growth of their company. Swype is essentially a household name in the Android game, and a lot of that has to do with it coming pre-loaded on all sorts of phones. But one of the frustrating things as a consumer, is watching their beta product continue to receive updates and improvements on a regular basis while the pre-loaded versions on some phones go without them.

The DROID RAZR is a good example. While it may have a spicy black version that no other phone has, it may never see the new Dragon Dictation and advanced language modeling that were introduced this week with the beta. There could be an OS update to the RAZR from Motorola that will include these features, but that could be months out. And since the keyboard is installed as a System app, you cannot remove it or replace it with the beta. So you are stuck with the custom OEM version of Swype while the rest of the Android crew gets to test out new features in the beta. Frustrating, right?

Well, thanks to a member over at XDA, you can get the beta up and running on your phone after following a few simple, yet specific instructions. We do recommend that you only attempt this if you understand the risks involved and are OK with them. And by that, I mean that you could soft brick your phone without many (or any) options to get you back up and running.  (more…)

Swype Now Working On Galaxy Nexus, Thanks To Modders


Been waiting and hoping that Swype would finally deliver the goods for all of us Galaxy Nexus owners?  Wait no more.  The folks at Swype initially reported that due to a change in the way screen resolution is reported in Ice Cream Sandwich, that a version of its popular software may not be available anytime soon for 4.0+ devices.  Well, what I guess they chose not to realize is that there are many people out there who spend their time tinkering with these apps in the hopes that they can get them working as we see fit.  (more…)