Swiftkey Update Brings Android 6.0.1’s New Emoji, Like This One 🖕

Back in December, Swiftkey Beta received an update that included access to the new emoji introduced in Android 6.0.1. Today, the stable or “market” channel of Swiftkey received the update with access to them as well.

What else is in the update? Nothing that we know of. Swiftkey may have fixed some bugs, but this update is really all about emoji access.  (more…)

Samsung Releases Full Statement on Keyboard Vulnerability Issue, Fix Incoming

Thanks to publicity surrounding a vulnerability found in the way Samsung updates its language packs on the stock keyboard app, powered by SwiftKey, a fix is incoming for those who find tinfoil hats fashionable. As we went over in our exploit breakdown, the chances of becoming a victim to this vulnerability seems extremely low, and as declared by Samsung in a full statement released today, there has been zero cases of this happening among device owners.  (more…)

About All This 600 Million+ Samsung Owners and Swiftkey Users Security Flaw Stuff (Updated)

Yesterday, a report stole headlines with talk of 600 million+ Samsung devices being vulnerable to a security flaw. The security flaw was tied to Samsung’s use of Swiftkey’s keyboard technology in most of their phones, including the recently launched Galaxy S6. The headline certainly looks scary, but understand that the chances of your phone being hacked are pretty damn slim. This also isn’t a Swiftkey issue, in case you were wondering, it’s a slow carrier update rollout or Samsung issue.  (more…)