LG G2 Mini (LS885) Headed to Sprint, Still a Disappointing Device

The G2 Mini (LS885) from LG is headed to Sprint, so sayeth @evleaks. The device was made official back in February, and at the time, no US plans were announced. As of right now, there are still no official dates, but Evan is usually spot on with his information.

The G2 Mini, which we wished was more of a G2 Compact (featuring high end specs in a smaller package), isn’t the device many G2 fans would have hoped for.  (more…)

Kit Kat Update Approved for Rollout on the Sprint LG G2

Sprint announced this morning that its variant of the LG G2 is ready to receive an update to Kit Kat (Android 4.4). No other details were provided, but we do know from the update that hit the AT&T variant what we can expect.

According to AT&T’s changelog, we are looking at restyled UI elements in the notification and navigation areas, improved battery efficiency, faster processing speed, cloud printing, and enhancements to Knock On.  (more…)

HTC One (M8) Available Today at 1PM – Online at All Carriers, In-store at Verizon

Just as we exclusively reported yesterday, the all new HTC One (M8) will be on sale today at 1PM Eastern in the U.S. All of the major U.S. carriers will put the device up for sale through their online stores, but Verizon will have some in-stock, in-store today. That’s right, if you want to get your hands on this phone now, you can.

If you don’t want to go to Verizon, all U.S. carriers will have in-store stock within first few weeks of April. Most in-store before April 10.

“All New HTC One” Inventory Arriving at Verizon Stores, “Exclusive” Likely Only In-store

Sources have informed us that “All New HTC One” inventory is now arriving in Verizon stores, ready for tomorrow’s launch. That lines up with our report last week, saying that Big Red would indeed have stock available minutes after HTC makes the phone official.

With that said, we also reported last week that Verizon would have some sort of exclusive on the device, however, that will likely just be for in-store availability. AT&T and other carriers should have the phone available for order (online or via phone) tomorrow as well, if not within a couple of days. Verizon itself said on Facebook over the weekend (before editing the post) that they would have the phone “in our stores exclusively on 3.25.14.” The word “stores” is the key word here.  (more…)

Sprint Shutters Stores and Lays Off Employees in Effort to Stem Losses

In a bid to restore profitability, Sprint is laying off workers and closing repair centers and stores. That includes 330 technical consultants, 15 service and repair centers, and 55 “worst-performing” retail locations, which are in addition to the 450 customers service employees Sprint let go earlier this week.

Sprint is couching the slimming of staff as a way to “improve efficiency,” but the move seems mainly in response to the company’s $1 billion loss in the fourth quarter of last year. Under the ownership of Japanese carrier SoftBank, Sprint has seen revenues decline as competitors have encroached on its prepaid markets and rapidly outpaced its deployment of 4G LTE.   (more…)