Contest: Win 1 of 5 Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Nexus Cases (Updated: Winners Picked)

So we’re a day late on the contest, but you will live, right? Since we are handing out 5 (five) of Spigen’s Neo Hybrid Galaxy Nexus cases in the next two hours, I figured you’d forgive us.

The Neo Hybrid is the two part case (1 part silicone, 1 part polycarbonate) from Spigen that gives you the ultimate fit with a touch of protection on your Nexus without adding a ton of bulk. The two-tone color snazzes it up a bit too, in case you were looking for some added flair. You can read our full review of the case here.

We have all 5 of the colorways to give away:  white, red, yellow, black and silver. The silver one is the case I reviewed, but I promise it is still in excellent condition and may be the hottest of them all. Ready?   (more…)

Case Review: Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule for the Galaxy Nexus

The fine folks at Spigen SGP sent over their series of Galaxy Nexus cases to review and we came away fairly impressed with all of them for the most part. They included three different types, but our focus was on the Neo Hybrid and Ultra Capsule cases. These both fit nicely onto the LTE Nexus even though Spigen designed them initially for the GSM version. And actually, I prefer the fit of these cases on the LTE Nexus over the GSM variant. Jump below to see our hands-on time with both.  (more…)