SoundHound Announces “Hound” Personal Assistant App

Looking for a personal assistant app on Android outside of the combination of Google Now and Google Voice Search? SoundHound introduced an app today called Hound that wants to be just that. It’s currently an invite-only service, but if their promo video is to be believed, this might be a solid option, especially if it can really keep up with natural language the way it claims to.  (more…)

SoundHound Announces Cloud Support – Allows Users to Sync, Save to the Cloud


The SoundHound app seems like it has been around for almost as long as Android, helping us to answer that age old question we have in bars of, “who sings this song?” Over that time, they have built up a userbase of over 170 million people around the world that use the app on more devices than just Android. Today, SoundHound announced a way to make using its app easier across multiple devices, and even platforms. 

How to: Use Jelly Bean’s Sound Search [Beginners’ Guide]

With the release of the Jelly Bean operating system, it brought many new features for Android users to take advantage of. One of new features is called Sound Search. Sound Search can be directly compared to other applications like Shazam and SoundHound, the main difference being that Google’s Sound Search utilizes their own servers to recognize the music and then direct you to Google Play to purchase the song.

Google created a Sound Search widget that you can easily place on any homescreen for you to find out what that certain song is. Let’s go ahead and set it up.  (more…)

SoundHound Gets Updated to Version 5, Packed With New Features

In the battle for top music identification applications, Shazam and SoundHound are the top dogs. SoundHound has released an update to their application today aiming to make their app even better. At the center of the upgrade is huge, high resolution artwork around a carousel of navigation that makes finding music and artists very easy.

SoundHound is also introducing the Free Song Stream that lets you listen to a single from many artists featured on the app. Lots of additions to their LiveLyrics system rounds out a pretty decent update to their application. James Hom of SoundHound says they are up to 80 million viewers, but we ask: are you a Shazam or SoundHound person?

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SoundHound Infinity is Amazon’s FREE App of the Day

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t think this Amazon Appstore was going to work out, but with free $5 apps like today’s, it’s hard to not give them some love.  It’s almost become a regular morning tradition now – wake up, check email, Google Reader, Amazon Appstore…weird.

Enough of that rambling and on to SoundHound Infinity which as I already pointed out, is free today, but on normal days is $4.99.  It’s your standard “What’s that song!” app, but allows you to purchase the songs you find through Amazon, grab lyrics to them, and even search for videos by the artist on Youtube.  Might as well grab it if it’s free, right?   (more…)