Sunrise Calendar Gets Apps – Works With SongKick, Evernote, and Other Services

Sunrise, a popular iOS calendar app that made its way to Android (and the web) a few weeks back, received a solid update today that features support for other apps. Those apps include SongKick, Evernote, Github, Asana, and Tripit, so that you can add concerts directly into your calendar, receive reminders, synchronize travel plans, and see changes in real-time to projects.

Other apps will be introduced in the feature.

The update is live on Google Play.  (more…)

Songkick Arrives on Android, Fills Up Your Calendar With Concerts From Your Favorite Artists


Not that the concert app market is lacking, but we wanted to point out Songkick to the music buffs in the building today. If you hate to manually keep track of your favorite artists and when their next concert is happening, this is the app for you. Upon installing, it scans your music library, Google Music account, and app to figure out who you like to listen to. Once it has a grasp on the situation, it starts notifying you of incoming concerts that you can add to a calendar or pick up tickets to. From what I can tell, it does a hell of a job, aside from that Bieber addition. You can also add specific locations and see what concerts are on the horizon or see what other cities your favorite artists are playing in.

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