The Tato Series Returns: An Interview With the Developer of Sliding Messaging

Sliding Messaging

It has been way too long since I have gone out and interviewed a shining star in the Android community, so what better way to bring this series back then by reaching out to Jake Klinker, developer for Sliding Messaging. If you are unfamiliar with Jake’s work, it has been my officially unofficial app of 2013 so far, and for darn good reason. It is a messaging app, based of Google’s own that comes on stock Android devices, but with a new look and a ton of awesome features.

I know plenty of our readers have taken a liking to it, so I reached out to Jake to see if he would like to do a quick ten question interview for DL. He is a very active guy, currently in school, but is somehow making the time to create apps, answer people’s questions, and be there for the community. But enough of all this, welcome back to The Tato Series.  (more…)

Hootsuite, Minecraft, and Sliding Messaging All Receive Updates in Google Play


We love app updates. They’re refreshing, and when it’s a substantial update, it’s like you have a brand new app to play with. It’s a win win situation for everyone involved. This morning, three of our favorites have received some pretty noteworthy updates. One of our go-to Twitter clients, Hootsuite, now has a widget and bug fixes. Sliding Messaging supports the sending of a text to multiple contacts and more colorful emojis. And Minecraft got its major 0.6.0 update which brings a whole ton of features and fixes.

We have full changelogs down below!  (more…)

App Updates: Facebook, Notif, and Sliding Messaging Have New Features and Bug Fixes

App Updates

It is always a good day for app updates. Today, we got some from Facebook, Notif, and Sliding Messaging. As with most Facebook updates, there is no changelog, but if and when they decide to post it, we will update the post. As for Notif, there are a few new settings/features such as keyboard popup settings, icon settings, and other little bug fixes.  (more…)