Thursday Poll: How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

Data usage is going to be a hot topic whether you want it to be or not. Now that carriers like Verizon and AT&T have created tiered and shared data plans, it’s obvious that they have realized what their next cash cow will be. Gone are the days of worrying about how many texts you sent or calls you made, in are the times when counting MBs and GBs are a daily task.

To get a good feel for the data landscape around these parts, we thought we would ask how much data you consumed last month. If you are on an individual plan, answer away. If you are on a shared plan, I’d love for you to share how much data your entire family consumed. And in case you were wondering where we got the poll options from, you can thank Verizon’s Share Everything plans for those. We built the poll around them.

How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

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Sprint Starts Marketing Campaign to Encourage You to “Say No to Sharing”

We are not exactly fans of Shared Data plans that AT&T and Verizon have adopted lately, but the other carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, are not impressed either. Sprint has long been touting they have one of the last true unlimited data plans in the country and to hammer home that fact they are breaking out a new advertising campaign to remind you that you don’t have to share.  (more…)

Reminder: Verizon has Mega Share Everything Plans, Ranging From 12GB to 30GB

Reports are floating around the web today, suggesting that Verizon has had a set of super secret Share Everything tiers for the mega-data hogs out there that they aren’t promoting. The fact is, that these plans have been there since day 1, Big Red has just limited their visibility to make life simpler for those switching to these new shared plans. While DL readers have known about these plans for some time now (we even listed them in our AT&T comparison), we thought it was a good opportunity to remind you about them.

For those on Share Everything that imagine a time where 10GB of data at $100 is not enough, don’t worry, Verizon has more tiers for you to entertain. The next plan after 10GB is 12GB and will run you $110. The chart above details the rest, but as you can tell, there is even a 30GB plan for $200 in case you and your family plans on getting really wild some month.

I would assume that Big Red may even go above and beyond 30GB if you need them to.

To our Share Everything readers, I ask you, how are you liking your plan? Satisfied with tiers, pricing, etc.?

AT&T’s Mobile Share Plans Go Live August 23

The date has been set for AT&T’s Mobile Share plans. On August 23, customers will be able to choose from a new Mobile Share plan, to keep their current plan, or to change to one of AT&T’s existing plans. For now, there will be no forcing new customers onto the Share plans, even when upgrading to a new phone. They have six options in total for “data bucket” sizes at 1GB going all the way up to 20GB.  (more…)

Verizon Still Letting Upgrades Keep Unlimited Data?

We aren’t sure if this is the case for every Verizon customer, but so far this week, we have heard from a handful who used an upgrade over the past few days and were still allowed to keep unlimited data. From what we were told when Share Everything plans went live, unlimited data was only going to be kept if you purchased phones at full retail. We aren’t sure if Verizon is being extra kind this month, if they are temporarily allowing upgrades as they did pre-Share Everything, or if this is some sort of an error in their system. AT&T announced their shared data plans this week and even announced that customers will be able to keep their existing unlimited plans with upgrades for the foreseeable future. Maybe Verizon wants to align themselves with that?  (more…)

T-Mobile: AT&T and Verizon’s Shared Data Plans are “Costly, Complicated, and Punitive”

T-Mobile, never one to hold back from a good war of words, expressed their feelings towards the new shared data plan model that both Verizon and AT&T have introduced. As you can imagine, they are not fans of the approach, calling them “costly, complicated, and punitive.” They strongly feel that consumers will not benefit from them and that they are essentially tricking customers by placing focus on the “value” of the unlimited talk and text, even though today’s consumers use less of these services.  (more…)

Shared Data Plans: Verizon vs. AT&T

Now that AT&T has unwrapped their version of shared data plans, it made sense to do a comparison to Verizon’s Share Everything plans. Since these are the two biggest carriers in our country and probably hold more customers between the two than all others combined, these will clearly affect many of you. So in the simplest of comparisons, we have two charts that represent your choices for shared data and their costs, followed by a couple of scenarios to see which carrier would be best meet your needs.  (more…)

AT&T Announces Their Own Shared Data Plans, Launching in August

We knew it wouldn’t be long before AT&T stepped into the shared data plan game. You didn’t think it was going to be Verizon only, did you? The mobile landscape started changing years ago when tiered data was first introduced, but now more than ever, you will be paying a premium to take that smartphone of yours onto the web or into an app. Carriers realized that the money they were making from minutes and texts wasn’t going to hold up forever and that data was their new cash cow.

So AT&T’s shared data plans look a lot like Verizon’s in that you pay a flat fee for your phone and then pick from a variety of data options. Their’s differs in that as you buy a bigger data bucket, your per device monthly charge goes down. The first tier of 1GB is cheaper than Big Red’s at $40 and they are also not offering a 2GB plan.

These plans will go into effect in August. For now (or at launch), they will allow you to choose between shared plans and their current plans, however, you have to expect that to change.

The press release is below, but stick with us as we’ll have comparison charts to Verizon’s and also dive into the dirty details.  (more…)